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  1. -T "The Defense Department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid." -Goose I think this is the most insensitive way to sign your post as I can imagine. Just because you are a dipshit that dosen't like the current war we're in ( I don't either) dosen't give you the right to speak about those that answer the call to duty in such a demeaning way. You are truly an Asshole Supreme. I will gladly sign my post with my full name. Pete Luter D 763 I'm proud of those that answer the call even when they don't like the war they are sent to. If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  2. Perry, where the hell are you and why haven't you answered my e mail? [email protected] If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  3. Just want to say a special thanks to Perry for coming up to Carolina Sky Sports for the Thanksgiving Boogie and getting 5 new Birds in the air. He had suit's sent in by Birdman and a couple of borrowed suit's to help get them in the air. a couple of local Bird's volunteered to fly with the newbies and not charge a slot fee so as to make it more affordable for those wishing to make that first Bird flite. True to his nickname ScaryPerry had a scary moment when his new gloves he had just bought wouldn't let go of the bridle when he threw out. Seem like he had bought a pair of those 'sticky' gloves like the pass receiver's wear to make it easy to catch the ball. They also make it hard to let things go. Get Perry to tell you the whole story as I have just mentioned the basics All in all we had a Great weekend thanks to Perry and the Birdman discipline has moved forward another notch. Thanks Perry Parasweep If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  4. Yeah, I'm the old fart that blew the zipper. Come on up and spend T/day boogie with us and let's flock. Parasweep If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  5. There will be a flocking at the Thanksgiving Boogie at Carolina Sky Sports , Louisburg,NC. There will be a BMI with suits for you to make your first flite. All are welcome. Come fly with us. Parasweep If you ain't tried it, don't knock it. If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  6. I have had 1 zipper replaced, 4 pull tabs replaced and 1 slide replaced. All this on a (skyflyer that only I have jumped) suit with about 200 jumps on it. I have had the left upper zipper (Chest) seperate 2 times while in flite and 1 leg zipper do the same. Right arm zipper pull tab broke causing me to pull quick release at opening (had to replace slide). I love the suit (have an S-3 on order) but hate the zippers. I hope the new suit has better zippers. I have not abused the suit and have given it lot's of TLC. If you get 400 jumps out of a suit that equates to about $3 a jump added to the price of a jump. Parasweep If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  7. Just go to the Herc Boogie and none of this will be a problem If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  8. I'm not trying to be a smart ass but your 'out the door weight of 285' and your comment about blowing up lots of canopys should be a clue that weight might be a problem. Think Atkins. I lost 25 lbs. and increased my flyingtime almost 30 sec.. My average flite time is around 2 1/2 min. now. If you ain't tried it, don't knock it. If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  9. RE: booty off, body position for opening and flite pattern. I've had a booty come off and had only slight problem correcting for straight flite. Worst problem was left upper zipper seperated twice. I was able to alter body position to compensate and was able to stay stable each time until opening. When pulltime comes I bring in both arms , fumble for hacky then put both arms out as I throw and simultaneous with throwing out I pull both knees up into my gut like you do when you backloop. Doing this will start you into a slow backloop that never lets you get further than on your back when your canopy opens. Doing this takes all of the opening shock off your shoulders and distributes it throughout your harness system, as it should. These openings are sweet if you can get used to opening on your back looking up. As the canopy opens you just swing down under your canopy. Once open I un-zip all zippers and remove both thumb loops and collapse slider before un-doing my brakes. I am normally open between 2500 and 2000. As for flite patterns, I always go out at least 2 to 2 1/2 miles out which is quite some time after the last jumpers so as soon as I'm flying I do a 180 and go straight back to the proper opening spot. Often I will go past DZ and turn back to opening spot. If I can do this I usually extend te exit on the next jump by 1/2 mile So, that's how I do it, how are others doin' it? If you ain't tried it, don't knock it, Parasweep If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  10. I guess the reason that I've been skydiving for over forty years is because I dreamed of flying as a kid. Wingsuit flying is as close to that as I'll probably get. I am the only wingsuit flyer at our DZ so I shoot for the longest flite Ican get with the slowest vert. decent and as much time as I can possibly get. Currently my longest flite is over 4 miles, my longest time is over 2 min. 30 sec. and my slowest vert is 47 mph average. The 4 mile flite was using high upper winds. My normal exits are 2 1/2 to 3 miles out. No out landings yet. Final comment is 'if you ain't tried it don't knock it'. I'm 62 years old and will be jumping as long as I can walk to the plane. Parasweep If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  11. Yo! I'm a new kid on the block (this forum that is). I've got a few ideas on b/m competition. For individual how about longest flite, longest flite time. For team i think it would be cool to fly a formation like the Blue Angels with a 4 way Diamond with smoke R/W/B and end it wit a star burst. This would be kick ass awesome. The Knights need to add this to their show. While I got ya are there any wingsuit people that would like to have an East Coast get together. I'm located in NC and willing to travel for some formation flying. Just for your info I was a part of the 27 way done at the Herc Boggie last year. Abig flock is cool. Parasweep If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.
  12. Guana, interesting post. I've got about 150 wingsuit jumps using a stiletto 170 and no problems. I particularly liked your comment about how much you like wing suit jumping. I wish more people would get into it. Horizontal r/w is a super rush. Maybe we shouldn't let the word out as 'they' may like it and take up all our airspace. Parasweep If you ain't tried it , don't knock it.