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  1. clicking Read buttom helps :) DSE thanks for a review!
  2. convenience aside, you won't believe how much difference does it make to have a top mount for competition RW
  3. I know about two (Shilin and canopy collision, both listed) - what are the other two?
  4. why don't you just time any segment of the DVD recording and compare it to the tape TC? I can not imagine a scerio which would allow video firewired to a recorder to be recorded slower than playback speed may I ask if you use auto-shutter or sports shutter program while filming? high shutter speed might give you a 'faster' impression. Just a wild quess...
  5. sure it will require a quick team AND a good judge to see though
  6. Rules are pretty clear or that: zero points even if the donut somehow grabs a right the grip after the inter it would still be zero
  7. have a private request . Please PM. Thanks!
  8. phone number and email will be appreciated, please PM
  9. I think this image comes from either from Icarus or Precision (see attached)
  10. TSO-D has two-thumbs-up service
  11. FeFe


    but looks like it's on the RED's to-do list
  12. FeFe


    by the looks of it it's a Z1 stripped of the tape deck which is replaced by the SxS slot (and, apparently, more electronics to handle XDCAM) I may suspect the imager is the same as Z1 no doubt flash media is a way to go, SxS sounds like a very good alternative to P2 with faster speeds etc., but why Sony puts so much faith in XDCam as a format is a mystery to me
  13. i totally agree with the above comments - i would go for 107 for 100-200 jumos and then transition to smaller (96 or 90) velo
  14. would be cool to use it to give HV10 some good shake the way I remember the old Sony TVR900 series problem (which I personally have never experienced), it was not vibration - it was airflow
  15. get a box? I had a 'sealed' box (with a UV filter atop of the box so the camera including the w/a was completely inside) with PD100 and TRV920, no problems whatsoever