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  1. im a college jumper in the UK :) up in yorkshire is whee i dwell!
  2. im pretty surprised they didnt have the idea to put the wind tunnel at one of the dropzones, that would get a hell of a lot of use i think at one of the larger ones. if you ask me, the location of the tunnel really makes it seem like its more orientated to the average joe than the skydiving community. PS: im rather gla the venture finally has the funding together after all this time, i almost fell out of my chair when i got the email from simon!
  3. cheers for the replys guys. it just so happens i have an ottomon well ive gotta go design a website now!
  4. did my 2nd and third static line today im so tired its umberlevable. im getting good feedback apart from 1 thing, my knees are coming a little out than they should be causing me to go into a slight de-arch. ugh.... im gonna praccy the arch n stuff this week.. i guess it will all come in time
  5. cheers guys :p ye well i really hope the weather is good next week so i can do it again...
  6. i did my first static line jump today! yey. exactly 1 year since my tandem. it was mad, i didnt push my hips out enough on exit apparently, but everything else went ok, the jump made me remember why i wanted to learn this sport in the first place. im off again to hibby next weekend possibly weather permitting for another jump :p
  7. i think teasons put it best really... im new myself and asked the same questions last year when i first wanted to jump (i was 16 and i live in the UK wow!) i got mixed responses also, to be honest it was a really difficult desision to make i had all these questions still floating around in my mind 'will i be able to remember to pull if i do aff' ' will i cope with everything at once' 'will i land it safely' i really want to learn about the sport and get into it, at first i thought i was going to do AFF, i wanted in quickly. but then as i thought about it i decided that i'd probably be better going with static line because that way i get eased into the sport rather than having to do it all myself from the off. i figured that by the time i finish the progression i will have more canopy time than the AFF guys, and having several canopy rides before my first proper freefall would be really beneficial because i wouldnt have to worry so much about that part of the jump. so i did a tandem jump last year at Hibaldstow down south of hull. it rocked, however it made me realise that for me it would be really hard to remember both to arch and pull and steer a canopy on my first jump. so i had it set in my mind now to do a static line course... my first static jump is next weekend. i would of done it earlier but my a/s exams got in the way. hope it helps, if it confuses you more then just holla!
  8. nice site, i usually dont like sites made totally in flash because they can be a little overpowering, but this one is very tastefully done. nice job, congrats to your design team !
  9. High praise indeed! How in the world could that be the first thing that comes to your mind to say when you land?! the first thing i said was, "geese my ears hurt" then i said "**** that was gud"
  10. if your sure u want to enter the sport simply skip the tandem and go straight onto the AFF.. its usually the most expensive way to progess, but its easily the fastest, and well worth it if you want to get into the sport quickly. at a lot of places nowadays you can take a first aff jump course to give you a taster of aff course without the huge financial strain
  11. i thought it was heads between ur legs and read the inflight magazine? apparently those things are a natural sedative... oh wait thats red dwarf...
  12. it really did annoy me watching it... i was so surprised that they didnt stick to some of the technicalities a little more... i understand that the hole thing had to fit with the plot.. but even so you would expect them to at least attempt to show skydiving in its real form
  13. i was watchin hollyoaks last night because i was promised some skydiving footage.. i watched, and was actually pretty disappointed. now correct me if im wrong, but im sure that those guys that were supposed to be skydiving wouldnt bail out of their own in an emergancy especially if its their first jump?. i also noticed that they were all wearing the parachutes, and had no static lines. but the thing is that this would signify that they must have been doing a 1 jump aff thing, however there was about 8 of them i the 1 plane with only 1 instructor.. anyone watch this program? post sum reply's.. and as i said if im completely wrong hee about that not being very realistic then just correct me :p
  14. my mum was against it when i first did i, but my dad kinda wants to do it himself but is 2 chicken, so that's why he lets me do it! my mum still wants me to spend my money on summit more useful!