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  1. I've been workin all summer. and yeah, she's done. Quote BE THE BUDDHA!
  2. heeey, there we go, thanks man BE THE BUDDHA!
  3. aaaaaaand you didn't help me at all but thanks
  4. anyone know any .org or .net sites that talk about packing or parachute deployment? Need a .org or .net site for a speech reference. no .coms BE THE BUDDHA!
  5. I had a friend of mine (known to be a compulsive liar) tell me some amazing stories over the years. I visited his house when he lived with his parents and I started talking about skydiving. The story started out with how he used to fly a plane...and has been since the age of 7, when he was allowed to fly at the controls, alone with a little bit of ground training. Then the story progressed to skydiving. Him: "Yeah, I've gone a couple times, it's so sweet" Me: "Really? you've been?" Him: "Yeah, it was sweet, I opened the parachute like right before I hit the ground" Me: "so you jumped alone?" Him: "Hell yes, I wasn't gonna have some gay ass instructor on my back." Me: so how high were you when you pulled? Him: like...300 feet Me: How could you tell? Him: 'cause the plane was trying to land like right next to me. anyway, the bullshit continued and then his dad came home and goes, "oh, you guys are talking about skydiving? Chris has always wanted to go but we just haven't had the chance yet" then he stopped. Side note: This is the same kid that told me the company let him put his parents' pre-fab home on the foundation, using the bulldozer all on his own BE THE BUDDHA!
  6. (09:14:11) BreakinSuPaFl: I decided I'm going to stick with the sabre for a good long while (09:14:17) Pete : cool (09:14:28) Pete : reline it yet? (09:14:33) BreakinSuPaFl: nope, don't have th emoney yet (09:14:35) BreakinSuPaFl: I will tho (09:14:36) Pete : do it w/ yarn!! (09:14:39) Pete : it will be cheep! (09:14:57) BreakinSuPaFl: I was thinking I'd stick with the new trend and advancements in technology and go wireless (09:15:57) Pete : how cool would that be if it was magnetic or something (09:16:00) Pete : so it was wireless (09:19:56) BreakinSuPaFl: hell yeah (09:20:03) BreakinSuPaFl: better not swoop too hard though BE THE BUDDHA!
  7. adding to that. Human reaction time and human error. What if, just that once, you forgot to turn it on? Edit to delete added comment. BE THE BUDDHA!
  8. as far as the perspective thing goes, if you haven't done it yet, (assuming you're familiar with your DZ) set up general altitudes to make certain turns in your landing pattern, I almost got myself in a bit of trouble on one of my night jumps because I was trying to judge by my eyes rather than my alti.... BE THE BUDDHA!
  9. JC HIMSELF SAID I WAS FINE WITH WHAT I'M DOING ON MY REDICULOUSLY LOADED CANOPY!!! MY LOCAL DROPZONE CANOPY SKYGOD SAID I'M DOING GREAT WITH MY SUB-50 JUMP SWOOPS! BUT THIS GUY I TALKED TO WITH OVER 5000 JUMPS SAID MY 360'S THAT I HAVE TO STAB OUT OF ARE COMMING RIGHT ALONG!! YOU GUYS DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!!! THIS SWOOPER AT MY DZ IS REALLY GOOD, AND HE SAID I SHOULD BE FINE ON THIS CANOPY!! two simple little words. .....Ego ....... Stroke ....... If you're beyond the norm, BE beyond the norm by setting your ego aside and looking at yourself. If you doubt your ability, don't let your ego fill the gap. BE THE BUDDHA!
  10. I packed my own gear from jump 14. There's no way in hell I was going to be caught forking out 5 bucks for a pack. Edit to add: And, at least in the extremely limited amount of jumps I have, I've always thought it to be part of the experience of skydiving, It's fun to pack with my other buddies right after a jump. and then laugh at them as I close my container and throw in my PC way before them BE THE BUDDHA!
  11. ever tried worn down high-tops? like older converse all stars? smooth on bottom for slide-age but provide more ankle support than normal skate shoes. p.s. DC's suck
  12. Rears? If I'm not sorely mistaken, an inflated right side would make you spin left. Maybe the question is more about body position than packing, cause I know I've absolutely trashed some packs in to the bag and had fine openings. I've thrown things in that other ppl said they wouldn't jump (first 20 packs or so) and I've never spun around 180...then again, I pull my rears apart on opening BE THE BUDDHA!