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  1. So, after some discussion we can conclude that? 1) use hard cable housings 2) get a CYRESS 3) ? "dude, where's my main?"
  2. Watch this video... woah. Here's the link: http://www.manifestmaster.com/video/ ***Note: Look for MISC Videos and down to the bottom and click on Double Malfunction. "dude, where's my main?"
  3. jumpgod


    Agreed. Use a coach. Pick a point on the ground and fly towards it -- don't think too much just do it ;) "dude, where's my main?"
  4. jumpgod

    name this mal

    I donno -- it looks like crap. It's not square and don't flare... above 2,000' -- I'd chop it. --line over-- "dude, where's my main?"
  5. jumpgod

    First Reserve Ride

    ...watched a friend land with a bunch of broken lines...DZO walked out and talked with him about why he didn't chop. ...having not yet having a cut-a-way I have no room to talk but you did the right thing. And now you know what it's like and don't have to fear it and that's the best part. blue ones! "dude, where's my main?"
  6. jumpgod

    RSL Cutaway

    Good story, thanks. I've always jumped my RSL and despite some arguments, I always will. ...probably would be a good idea to disconnect it for CRW though. "dude, where's my main?"
  7. jumpgod

    getting scared.

    My second jump was pretty scary too. I back slid during the openning sequence and my AFF instructor held me down. I "woke up" from the openning with severe line twists -- kicked out and kept jumping. I've taken a year off jumping after losing a few friends and having a few more scares but I'll be back this weekend. My best advice is to jump "good" equipment, forgiving parachutes (this small canopy fad is killing the sport), and with good judgement. You're on your own up there but I don't see a reason why we shouldn't look out for each other. Blue ones! "dude, where's my main?"
  8. My best advice... 1) don't learn how to become a pilot because jumping out starts to feel weird 2) make good friends at every DZ -- at my first DZ's, i had this great group of friends that made my jumps worth while -- STAY WITH THEM! 3) don't let the 'big DZ's' intimidate you with all the skilled jumpers who make you feel so small 4) don't think about quitting jumping or you might 5) "shut up and jump" "dude, where's my main?"
  9. You guys rock! Thanks for helping out. Sometimes, you take this long look back at life and you realize that there are just some things that become equally as important as skydiving. You start thinking about that sweetheart and about the risk. You start thinking about the 3 friends that you lost. Your first malfunction which hasn't happened yet. ...watching a guys Cypress fire at 600'. ...then you start thinking about things like sunset tracking dives, headdown from 15K, 20-ways... The greatest strength in this sport is your friends and the community. We're sort of a team in that aircraft. All 100% adrenaline and I can't live without it! Life without skydiving sucks. And even if I'm out there only to keep my currency up, each jump will always be the greatest! HAVE FUN STORMIN' THE CASTLE! "dude, where's my main?"
  10. jumpgod

    Jump Anxiety

    Jump anxiety will pass when you are ready. I'm been in and out of the sport since I was 18 and anxiety and fear are a good thing. THEY KEEP YOU ALIVE. "dude, where's my main?"
  11. I've got 250 or so jumps and I've been from one end of the country to the other enjoying skydiving since I was 18. I've never had a malfunction (at least never one requiring a cut-a-way.... YET). I donno if I got too scared, too burned out, or too overwhelmed or what? Does anyone else feel this way? And if so, what did you do to stay in the sport that you loved so much?
  12. jumpgod

    Recent Para Commander Jumps?

    used to watch often back in the 70s as people jumped them regularly. nowadays, i see them every once in a while. my uncle jumped old military gear back in the 80s with C9 rounds. openned from terminal. a;lkdjf ouch... "dude, where's my main?"
  13. jumpgod

    barrel rolls..need help

    momentum :) throw the arm and leg in, and enjoy the ride -- woohoo! go back to spread stable position. don't think too much... just do it. mine always suck... lol. ;) "dude, where's my main?"
  14. jumpgod

    DA'Kine RAGS?

    got a full freefly suit. flies great. never had any issues. "dude, where's my main?"
  15. jumpgod

    Rigging question

    brand new? "dude, where's my main?"