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  1. You mean like this guy?? [/url][url]
  2. Did not mean to delete last post. Was going to edit but you got the point..
  3. Show up with beer and I'm sure it'll get figured out...
  4. UCRs are basically garbage and are not reliable. Most agencies will "adjust" their reports and stats to reflect lower or higher charges crimes on what they are trying to show. I am even aware of one agency that had a secretary who would go into the all non-charged reports at the end of the year and simply remove the penal code section to change the report to a basic "documentation." Thenthe city council could tell everyone how great the department was doing in lowering violent crimes..... Just as easy to overload charges as well to make it seem that crime is going up.
  5. "Is it ok if I date Emily while your....never mind." Classic skydiver. Love it!!
  6. Very disappointing. Extremely bad acting in some cases and weak, weak storyline. Why is it that movie makers seem to think that merely making a movie in 3D makes it ok to have a suck-ass script. They could have done so much more with this.....Oh, and this doesn't include the Matrix fighting scenes. Should have just left it alone.
  7. I took my 14 year old daughter (who is probably more mature than I am) and the ticket girl started off by telling me it was rated-R and was filled with all kinds of foul language and scenes not really suitable for those under 17. My response: "yeah, that's why we came to see it"... Guess I am up for a bad parent of the year award.... Great movie by the way.
  8. Sorry Pete, wish we would have seen this earlier. Morgan would had come up to get you...
  9. The real problem here may very well be lack of experience on the officers part. While I have never been one to just throw officers under the bus, I can say from experience that too many young officers (under 5 years experience) often find themselves in situations that may have been avoided with a little more of an up-front thought process. What are the possible threats?? in this case, there may be a dog or two (hence the sign if it in fact did exist and was visible). Once she was in the situation, she most likely did not feel that she had any other option. Another factor is that there is not enough training for officers for how to handle being around dogs, in fact, most are scared to death of dogs. Either way, you can beat the family will get a nice chunk of change, not that it would replace the animal.
  10. MNM604

    cop question

    Not true, they must be able to prove the exigent circumstances later. Simply claiming it does not automatically make an allowance for it. Inexperienced officers make this mistake all the time. While the law does look at it from a "Reasonable Officer's (same experience and training level) viewpoint", I have seen many subsequent enforcement actions thrown out as a result of a court later ruling that exigent circumstances did not exist. And yes, they can also be held liable for every action they take.
  11. We always enjoyed jumping with Ashby and have a great video of him in a hybrid. He will be missed.....Mike and Morgan
  12. We feel so honored that we had the opportunity to spend this last weekend around Robby and his never-ending smile (especially when USC pulled out the win over Ohio at the end of the game). He was the type of person that others admired and strived to be like. Robby, you will be deeply missed and always remembered. Mike & Morgan
  13. Saw it today and thought it was awesome!!! Have to admit I was a bit confused as I was unaware of the changes to the original history, but Wow. There was some great action and the characters were well done (for the most part). As already stated, it could be the start of a whole new set of films where anything can now happen. By the way, I really enjoyed seeing grown men dressed down in their best Star Fleet uniforms... Where is Galaxyquest when you need it??
  14. Currently closed down by the City....Others are (reportedly) trying to get it back up but who knows....