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  1. I did read the entire thread, and your name only appeared in the "in reply to" box because you were the last poster. When I'm replying to a specific person I tend to quote the phrase I'm disputing/debating. Sorry for the lack of clarity. My point was that the story which started the thread was essentially a non-story in skydiving terms, and then a number of others started going on about how dangerous it was to tow square parachutes etc. Even after others pointed out the fact that it was fixed in this case there were some who I thought could do with reminding. Again, sorry if any criticism was inferred Sparky! Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  2. Sounds like the D.T.'s! Simple solution: half a pint of orange juice, 2 raw eggs, a dash of vinegar, a spray of Mr Sheen and a good squirt of brake fluid should sort you out! DISCLAIMER: You'll probably die if you drink this. I refuse to take any responsibility for the outcome. I'll laugh though. Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  3. Helps if people actually read the source material...... Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  4. So every VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Seat, Skota, Lamborghini, and Porsche owner is fucked, since it's 1 unit. It simply says they're not allowed in accessible baggage or on the person, so your car keys go in your suitcase and in the hold. Not great, I know, but that's the way it is. Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  5. As far as I know, the Next container is made by Thomas Sports in the UK under licence, then shipped to Germany for the harness and some other bits to be added. I'm not sure of the differences in the harness itself, but the container is essentially the same as a TSE Zerox, albeit with a slightly modified main pin cover flap. In my opinion, when people give others vague reports about poor durability, it's usually because they don't bother to take care of their rigs. Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  6. Obviously I yield to Kelly when it comes to rig design matters, but I always thought it was a bad idea to have too much exposed hook velcro around rigs - something to do with it chewing up harness webbing. Someone correct me if I'm wrong (I probably am)........ Still looking forward to the day I can order my Infinity though. Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  7. All I have to say is: mmmmmmmmmmmmm........Turbolet. Fantastic planes, we had one at my DZ a few years back. Didn't get much of a chance to jump it as I was a student at the time, but the few occasions I did stand up straight in the door and let myself tumble have left good memories. Might have to nip down to one of the other DZs in this country that have them. Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  8. I've got a Pro-tec at the moment, and my Z1 fullface is in the post as we speak. I'll be keeping the Pro-tec because it fits me better than my old openface (Aviator), and because I can hear better under canopy, which will be useful when I start doing Crew. Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  9. I'm looking at buying a rig, which has a Swift + 175 reserve in it. I'm checking the DOM, serial number and whether the SB has been performed, but I have a question about the wingloading. I've read a few people on the forums saying that you shouldn't load them "much beyond 1.1 pounds/sq ft", but my question is: what counts as much beyond 1.1? I'm currently 182lbs without gear, but when I'm able to jump the rig (in about 4/5 weeks) it's pretty certain I'll be 175lbs or less (you'll just have to trust me on this). I figure this would put me at an exit weight of 200lbs, which would equate to a wingloading of 1.14lbs/sq ft - would you say this is okay? I don't know if it's worth mentioning it, but most of my jumps (I know the numbers are pathetic) have been on a PD-218 7 cell with the porosity of a teabag (now grounded). Thanks for the help! Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  10. At least you asked. Trying to figure it out on your own could have proved expensive! In my experience with this sport, it's best to have those "how dumb..." moments - it usually means I've been doing something very wrong. Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  11. Awesome. Next rig DEFINITELY going to be an Infinity. Make a window for January guys....there's gonna be one excited customer on the phone so you'll want to get it built quickly! Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  12. OK, I've got a question for Infinity owners, or anyone working for VSE: in a couple of pictures I've seen, it seems that the side main closure flaps don't completely cover the bridle. Is this the same on many Infinities? It just strikes me as odd that RWS, Mirage, Sunrise etc make their containers with wrap-round corners that completely cover the bridle, but VSE don't. I realise the chances of the relative wind catching the small amount of bridle exposed is minimal, but since Amazon uses hers for speed skydiving I would've thought any bridle exposure would be unacceptable. I'll try to find a photo of what I'm talking about and upload it here, but any comments in the meantime are very welcome. Edited to add photos - sorry about stealing them from this thread! Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  13. Relaaaaaaaaax! Crack open a cold one - and if you don't have acces to the morgue - have a beer! Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  14. Mee-ee! I justnwatched Liverpool not getting beaten by Chelsea, and it's goooooooooood! I shouldn't be getting drunk, especially with what I have coming up in the next few weeks, but hey - I'm a semi-responsible adsult and no-one's gonna stop me! Heheheheheheheheheeee! It's so funny being the only drunk one in the house, especially trying to convince everyone I've been on the lemonade all night. Anyone else drunK? Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"
  15. Nate Dawwg! Nick --------------------------- "I've pierced my foot on a spike!!!"