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  1. Downwind means that you are traveling with the wind. As in the wind is at your back pushing you along and so you go faster. Upwind means you're traveling against the wind, as in the wind is in your face pushing against you so you go slower. Unless your instructor advises you otherwise, you should head to the holding area immediately after opening, performing a controllability check and checking the status of the traffic in the air. You dont want to mess around wasting altitude practicing turns and whatever else, head to the holding area late and then find that you cant make it there because you wasted too much altitude messing around.
  2. I think that's common. I only know one packer that double stows. I suspect the main reason is packers are in it to get the job done efficiently and quickly as they have many loads to turn. Single stowing is faster and easier than double stowing and since it seems to work most of the time they go with that. Also, I suspect most packers are going to do what they are shown, so if they were shown to single stow at the DZ then that's what they will do.
  3. I did watch the video and found it interesting. I see how having a stiff tuck tab could cause a problem, but I also envision every manufacturer is aware of this concern and yet most companies use tuck tabs. So the question then would be why? If magnets are safer, why do companies use tuck tabs? I asked Mirage this once and their response was that magnets dont stay closed when freeflying sometimes. So the question then would be which is more serious, a riser cover opening in free fall or a riser cover failing to open correctly? Seems like a riser cover opening in freefall is more of an annoyance than a legitimate safety concern, but admittedly I am not sure. It's interesting that you said a brake fire is a serious issue. I thought it was a minor issue unless you have a highly loaded canopy which will dive and spin hard with a stuck toggle. I've accidentally unstowed one toggle after opening and not the other. When that happened the canopy barely spun at all with a 1:1 WL. I could easily counteract the spin just by pulling a hair on the opposite rear riser, so I guess I was always under the assumption that if the toggle comes off during deployment that it wouldent matter much. Now I can see the issue with the toggles being off prior to opening, thanks for that. But what about if the toggle pops while opening and you're not running a high performance canopy? Is it that serious of an issue?
  4. Line dump, yes I agree that it's questionable as to whether that is a concern. Bag strip on the other hand I think is commonly accepted as a serious malfunction. My understanding is that line dump and bag strip are not the same thing. Line dump occurs when the line stows (not locking stows, line stows) come off the bag. In semi stowless and reserve freebags you dont really have much line tension anyway so you could kind of argue that line dump occurs on every opening with those types of bags. My understanding is that bag strip occurs when the locking stows come off before line stretch and the canopy is free to come out of the bag while the lines are still loose. I view that is a very serious malfunction because no line tension means that the slider can come down instantly giving you a mostly or fully open canopy by the time you come to line stretch. There are some photos and videos of this occurring floating around the net and the end result is always an extremely hard opening. The idea with the double stow method is that it greatly reduces the chances of bag strip (compared to loose single stows) because it makes it harder for the locking stows to come off prior to line stretch ensuring that the stows only come off when they should come off. It’s funny you mention the tuck tab issue as a possible cause of hard openings because by contrast ‘tons’ of people have tuck tabs. There are several manufacturers that only make tuck tab rigs. In fact, I would envision that far more companies make tuck tabs than make magnetic riser covers. Yet people arnt having hard openings left and right as a result. Don’t get me wrong, the tuck tab issue is something I have thought about and I even asked the manufacturer of my rig about it. I can fully see how having the riser covers open last in the sequence could result in slack in the lines allowing the slider to come down and it's made me wonder why more rig manufacturers dont use magnets instead. Yet, millions of jumps are made on rigs with tuck tabs. So it’s kind of an iffy situation as conventional wisdom says they are a concern, yet just about everyone has them on their rig. In terms of packing priorities , I think the main priorities (not in order) are: - Quarter slider and make sure it's against the slider stops before bagging (hard opening) - Cock PC (pilot chute in tow malfunction) - Make sure slider stops are clear of lines (lineover malfunction) - Ensure adequate stow tension on locking stows (bag strip). - Make sure there are no lines or bridle wrapped around your closing loop and there is a clear path from the PC to the closing pin (pilot chute in tow malfunction). -Conduct a proper line check (step-through malfunction)
  5. Crazy. I am not sure how the main could have gotten out of the bag if you double stowed the two outer locking stows. While double stowing the two outer locking stows is probably not as secure as doing all four, I would think it would still be sufficient to keep the main in the bag. Even if the two inner stows came off, I would think the main still wouldn't be able to come out with the two outer stows still on. I supposed one option could be that the two inner stows came off out of sequence, the two outer stows dident release until they were supposed to, but then because the two inner stows allowed for slack in the system as soon as the second outer stow came off the slider then came down while the lines were slack. I supposed that is possible. Anytime there is slack in the lines and the canopy is out of the bag there is the potential for the slider to come down. Otherwise I am curious as to what else could have happened. Maybe one of the riser covers hung up allowing for monetary slack in the lines. Do you have tuck tab riser covers? What main were you using? I asked bout the RSL and MARD because if you have an RSL side riser failure then the failed riser can extract your main and now you have a two out. The collins lanyard is intended to eliminate that risk. This assumes your RSL is on your left side. I think UPT and maybe some few other brands put it on the right side.
  6. Wait, so you're saying you single wrapped the locking stows and double wrapped the line stows? I am assuming you dont have an RSL since you said you had to cutaway (thus no collins lanyard) and you dident mention a main-reserve entanglement (so no MARD or RSL I presume)? What condition were your risers in and how heavy are you? Mini risers I assume? I actually buy the fullsize type 8 risers with mini rings for this reason in hopes that I wont ever have a riser failure.
  7. One thing I see a lot of people do is kneel on the slider while pushing the air out. While I am far from an expert on the matter, I typically disagree with putting my knees on the slider grommets. If I am going to put my knees on anything, I put it on fabric next to the slider, but never directly on the grommets. The idea is that when you go from kneeling to laying (to squeeze the air out), your knees will rotate on the ground whether you want them to or not because you're rolling your body forward. I see people lay down, sit up, lay down, sit up. Every time you move, your knees move and if your knees are on the slider grommets, then the grommets are moving too. Thus, I keep off the slider grommets and kneel on the fabric instead. Again, you can always check the position of the slider grommets before putting the canopy in the bag by grabbing the lines, running one hand up and pushing the hand against the slider grommets forcing them against the stops. Also, the OP mentioned he had a hard opening. Do you know that the hard opening was caused by the slider? Did you specifically remember packing the canopy knowing that there was an issue with the slider? I ask because packing techniques are not the only thing that can influence a hard opening. While a poor slider position certainly can cause a hard opening and it’s a common reason for hard openings, experiencing a hard opening does not absolutely guarantee it was an issue with the slider position while packing. This is a really great video on what can cause hard openings. I learned a lot watching it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLJdDXJ9qBI
  8. A more reasonable explanation is that they don't cover the same stories at the same time. The most reasonable explanation is that neither of them cover news period and they are both garbage propaganda dissimulators and not real news outlets. But then again I guess people dont want real facts, they just want a bunch of political drama wrapped up into something CNN and Fox calls news and they just want to believe that what they are watching is real news, even if it's not.
  9. I do the reverse S fold method too and find it's worked out so far for me. I am not a packing wizard so dont take my advice for much. However, I have the same concerns about the slider that you do. As such my solution has been this. Before garbing the tail to fold into the bag, I grab the lines pulling them tight from the rig and I slide one hand up the lines until I hit the slider grommets. I then push the grommets up against the slider stops and hold the slider grommets up and against the slider stops as I fold the tail into the bag. I suspect this reduces the chance of the slider moving around because I am physically holding the slider grommets against the slider stops as I put the tail into the bag. If I am ever unsure, I just unroll the tail a bit so I can physically see the slider grommets to ensure they are against the stops. Honestly, I dont know if it matters to have a tight roll on the tail or not, but I've tried both a tight roll and no roll at all and I havent really noticed much of a difference.
  10. I thought this was common knowledge? Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, all garbage. All funded by stakeholders with a financial interest in trying to get you to believe certain things. The bias in Fox News' reporting is painful. Any so-called news agency that has such a blatant, obvious strong bias toward any one side, liberal or conservative, is obviously not a real news reporting agency. If you want real news go to NPR or BBC.