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  1. Agreed the general rule is that you can compliment others but not critisize. One option is to let the coach handle the debrief and all the recomendations. The other thing is to bring it up during a Pass the Rock. You need to be able to communicate with teammates. But address it soon or it will build and end up causing problems Chris
  2. If you don't know anyone who can do the work try your local custom motorcycle shop. they will have some people who can do the work Chris
  3. That is the bottom line. Find out where the fastest person is comfortable then either add suit to slow them down or add weight to the rest of the team. Everyone needs to be in a good position to move. If you are dearched to slow down then you'll ahve problems on the turns and moves. Chris
  4. The point of launching a mirror is usually to make the exit setup easier. That should lead to an easier launch. Some teams will launch a fire and forget mirror. Chris
  5. Unless daddy owns an otter or left you a TON of $$ creeping is a little cheeper. Chris
  6. As much as I hate it, creeping can be done at home or the DZ with SNOW. Chris
  7. I ahve done both and they both have advantages. The double slot switchers sets up fewer options for each slot. Everything is either switched or not. This allows the team to practice only 1 direction of each block. But it does require each person to be able to fly the center and the outside. It also means that each point has only 1 exit. So you get fewer options for each move but more ways to spread the switches but everyone has to do more jobs. Using the mirror allows for the mirrored exit which can be a big help. It also means that the centers stay consistant which helps rhythem and consistancy for randoms. However it does mean that you introduce an new option of switched mirroed formations and means that the team either puts all of the memory in 1 piece or means that everyone needs to do both slots and mirrors. I feel that it comes down to jump numbers and the abilities of the group. Chris
  8. Yeah we have done 18s in the Perris Tunnel. It is possible and actually not unrealistic. HOWEVER, they have to be hugely staged and the clones must make their moves and stop HARD!! Chris
  9. Depending on how much of a tunnel team you are you can do 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21 Chris
  10. I know it sounds far fetched but I'll bet if you e-mail them via their website they would be happy to sign on if you buy it. Chris
  11. Thanks for the look up. I know the terms but can't spell worth a DAMN. And 7 as a sat is exactly the one I always want to build but can't Chris
  12. Yep you are right they did clairify that 13 can go either way but like you pointed out almost no one does it "the other way" Chris
  13. The sidebody MUST have 2 sets of parallel sidebodies. The OC and tail are facing the same direction and the IC and point face the same direction. What you are looking at is "cirality" (SP). If you were to make the figures out of paper and put the grips on as the image describes then any way you can arrange the formation is OK (With a few exceptions in the blocks) Chris
  14. I hope you were talking about 11 (photon-photon). There were several changes to the dive pool this year including M (Star), 12 (bundy-bundy), change in directionality for 13, the 5 and such. But still no yuan-yuan Chris