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  1. jumper03

    MFF Transition

    We take their schoolhouse log book and transfer over the dates of the equivalent jumps to the A-card. It isn't so much an agreement, more than it is - the students DID the jumps for the A-license (plus a bunch) - we are just filling out the A card and doing an equipment familiarization jump with them.
  2. jumper03

    Fusion VS Sabre/Safire

    I've jumped a 190 in all three and found the fusion to be the softest opening of the bunch. It is very forgiving to packing mistakes. The fusion was also more on heading at opening. In terms of performance (turning, flaring, etc.) I found them all to be similar. You won't go wrong with any of the three in my opinion.
  3. jumper03

    Rigger in Fort Worth area?

    There used to be a dz in Granbury (just south of Ft. Worth). I think it's still there. Should be some riggers around there to help you out. Jump
  4. The first saturday of every month, we have Jump Club at Raeford. RW open to any and all comers - only thing it costs are your jumps, you need your A license and a promise to be safe. We mostly do 3, 4, 5 ways during the day and at the end of the day we do a big -way (okay - TRY to do a bigway). At least as big as we can get out of the PAC (12) or otter (22) if we are lucky. Also we try to video every jump too (helps the new vidiots
  5. jumper03

    my first reserve ride...total mal

    outstanding job of saving yourself! Make sure to take care of your rigger!
  6. jumper03

    CaSL Meet #3

    botched is a little harsh... Although it was fun seeing our tail fall out of the door. (some back ground on that is needed I guess- For shits and giggles we've decided to launch the first point on each jump - that jump we were launching a cataccord. We figured since our OC was going to get de-virginized on the exit with the way we had the grips worked out, tail would need to give the count. She got down in the door, grabbed the grips she needed and just couldn't hang on.... So we ended up free flying that exit. We made up for it by launching a kick ass unipod in the last round )
  7. jumper03

    New Technology: Welded Seams

    hmmm.... now I need to go look at my arcteryx pack... I bought it in 2000 so it probably has welded seams and I never noticed!!! On the flip side though, just a 500 gram weight savings doesn't mean much when you're going to be hiking out close to 50 kg of rock.....
  8. jumper03

    Fastest time to D licence

    I would wager it is probably Yellow dog - he doesn't post much on here though. Bbarnhouse can clue you in to how fast he got there..... his feet were hardly ever on the ground it seemed.
  9. jumper03

    Quasar II

    I've been jumping one recently (with a 190!). It fits really well and has good pin protection. I haven't run across any major problems but I'm just a young'un too. My only issue is that this one still has soft cut away housings.
  10. jumper03

    Dropzone Reviews

    I would also add staff members of a dz posting reviews of their dz. That makes it more of an advertisement rather than a review.
  11. jumper03

    Parachute Systems USA - Thanks!

    Does Katie know you got ahold of the check book again?
  12. jumper03

    Pics: Birth of an Otter.

    HAHAHAHA...I saw it sitting on the ramp this weekend! I call it the red neck otter. Bondo all over the place - looks like my old truck.