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  1. Maybe not explicitly, but he may as well have. The OP was pulling higher but his buddy was planning to pull at around the same altitude as the freeflyers. Aside from that, contrary to the post I was responding to, it is very possible for a belly flyer group that follows a freeflyer group to catch up to them around deployment altitude. In the 10-15 seconds between deployments, the freeflyers will descend perhaps 300 feet at canopy descent rates. Given variations in reaction time, instrument precision, canopy opening distance and human error, 300 feet is far too small a buffer to expect there to be no chance of them being close vertically on opening. I wasn't implying that you can rely on vertical separation for anything. from the original post, the freeflyer stated he saw the other two Just as he was opening, at this point I don't think the belly group would have caught up, as they would have been 10-15 seconds behind him. I was using the vertical separation to discount the idea that it could have been them that passed the freefly during deployment. 10-15 seconds is 2000-3000 feet in freefall, there is no way he would mistake this for 45 feet if he had seen them.
  2. Exit order is wrong if there are uppers and the plane was flying into the wind, the reduction in separation that happened here is what results from the wrong exit order like this. but I find it unlikely that both your protracks and altimeters were off by 1000 ft, and even more unlikely that you managed to catch a freecly group when you were flying on your belly. typical belly speed is 120mph, freefly is 150, a freefly group would reach pull altitude about 5-10 seconds faster than a belly group, increasing the vertical separation not reducing it. You should track @ 90 degrees to the jump run on a 2-way not just 180 from each other, otherwise you run the risk of tracking into the next group.
  3. sfc

    Katana Opening

    I jump the same canopy and wing loading, about 4-500 jumps on it. I totally agree with the packing, just let the nose hang, this is really important. I also quarter the slider again after I let the nose go to give more consistent opening force. Body position is very important, I get an off heading about 1 in 5 jumps. Something I got from B Germains canopy course was don't fight the line twists during opening, when I feel it turning (I often get 180s on opening) go with the turn, it prevents line twist, if you fight it the canopy goes one way and you don't and then line twists. I jumped a stiletto before so I know what line twist can be like. I love the katana, I have had one line twist in 4-500 jumps, on the stiletto I used to get 1 every 10-15 jumps.
  4. sfc

    Ammonium Tri iodide

    I used to make it when I was a chemistry teacher back in the UK. The kids loved it in class, you can smear it (when wet) on desks and after it dries it explodes like a little firecracker when you touch it. It is really powerful stuff in quantities, don't let it dry out until you want to use it, a mouse fart will set it off. Oh and it will leave a really bad stain so don't put it on anything you care about.
  5. The credit goes to the Doctor, he was the one who edited it, I just put it on-line, I'll show him your message. Cliff did see part of the video, the section in the middle after the CLIFF banner roles in was what the Doctor made for him when he left Hollister to go to law school. I think he liked it.
  6. It is the same one, did you install the codec AFTER upgrading windows media player. There are other players available as well, try this one instead http://www.bsplayer.com/
  7. You can download the tribute video from here http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=guestpass&id=bzkvr or here if you have a skydivingmovies login http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=5266 If you don't have it already you'll need to install this codec (xvid) http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/ Funny thing about this codec, Cliff and I were chatting about movie downloads when I first met him and we agreed that this was the best codec out there for movies, seemed fitting to use it for this and it is af course the best.
  8. Cliff's ash dive was a very emotional moment for me, it was beautiful and clear sunset. We climbed out at 16,000ft into a crisp chilly sky and started our last jump with Cliff. The calm that was on the whole group was amazing, we didn't pull off the best exit out of the king air but everyone flew and we made our slot for Cliff. We then all turned to Adam and watch Cliff fly free. I can still picture the last moment I saw Cliff hanging as a cloud as we fell away, it will be ingrained in my memory for ever. I've uploaded a copy of the tribute the Doctor made to www.skydivingmovies.com, it is waiting approval and should be viewable in a day or so. Its called cliff_memorial.avi.
  9. I met Cliff after he moved out to CA at Hollister, when he moved off to law school in Davis The Doctor threw this video together. In Cliff style he complained it did not have enough of "him" in it. The last conversation I had with him was at thanksgiving, he was telling me about this watches (chronographs no less). http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2194451887729599974&hl=en If anyone can host a 65MB file I have a higher res version of this.
  10. BSBD Cliff. Thanks for all the fun we had.
  11. sfc


    A wonderful light has gone out, I am shaken and sad. My thoughts are with Bob and her family...
  12. Davis (Skydance skydiving) Byron (Bay area skydiving) Hollister (Adventure center skydiving) Are all turbine DZs with good upjumper crowds within reasonable driving distance of Sonoma, Davis is the closest and a very friendly DZ, they have the new PAC 750, the other two have king airs.
  13. I'd second that after moving to H-town from SMB a few years ago. Tim & Monique really made the difference. Last w/e he let the KA fly with 6 fast packers to 15K at sunset, kinda makes you feel good about your home DZ. btw I heard that Jess only sold 50% of SMB.
  14. sfc

    2-1 Barbecue That !

    Way to go England. been 18 years waiting for this. An awsome series, maybe there is a reason to go back to blighty after all, there is nothing like cricket. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/4237610.stm
  15. sfc

    Firewire splitter

    We use a firewire hub for dubbing at the end of the day, we have had up to 6 camera's, one playing and the rest recording at the same time. All the cameras were sony, although I'm not sure if that matters. On occasions the hub gets confused and has to be power cycled and the cameras turned off. It helps if the playback camera is the first to be turned on and starts to play (pause is OK) before the rest connect