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  1. been twenty years since i jumped there but i was made welcome had fun and went to pub at night with the local jumpers but the vibe ebbs and flows over the years at all dzs so no idea how it is now why not try all the closest ones out and make your own mind up!
  2. ha ha missed that one and just read about it lol
  3. just read they are planning a remake of point break and lethal weapon WTF Cant they come up with fresh ideas
  4. let her go! let her see there is more to the world than America! not that America isnt great but there is more out there!
  5. tw9828


    not a term i would associate with beer!
  6. tw9828


    learn something new everyday been almost nine years since i moved to Florida from Scotland and i had never heard of a growler till now
  7. why is herb the plant differant from herb the persons name just dont get that one
  8. my cars black and from germany welcome to the dark side!
  9. i think the car says more about you than what colour it is!
  10. jumped one liked it! got a friend that probably still has his
  11. definately talk to the CCI,DZO of an instructor it could be more that they have not been availaible to do your packing test i cant imagine its changed that much if you are in the uk a packer cant sign you off or supervise your test but if they havent told an instructor your ready then they are using you first windy or rainy day is the perfect time to do something like this CCI and the instructors wont be as busy !
  12. never realised there wasnt a test as such over here. got my D licence years ago in the UK so never knew, just got the SIM and IRM with the intent of getting some ratings here if nothing else ill be more clued up on how things are done in the USA now that i live here
  13. does the packing certificate in the UK still include a test? when a rig is intentionally entangled maybe also cutaway depending how evil the instructor is lol and has to be corrected and packed being checked all the time by an instructor?
  14. cant just be the packers they dont sign off your packing cert the cci or instructors do that so get on to them you are getting humped!