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  1. mike524


    Airfly is a high powered mobile wind tunnel which is powerful enough to fly head down. Our instructors speak English and will teach you to fly free fall and accompany you in the wind tunnel. We provide all the necessary flight gear for first time flights and No experience required.
  2. Hi, I just saw your post. In France there are some guys down near Lyon who hook up there tandem passenger with a helmet and a Gopro fixed on it filming them. It gives some nice images that are real stable as the passenger doesn't move (the camera move with the passengers head) I'm not sure about the legal side of it though and also the case where the passenger gets hurt... Mike www.321chutelibre.fr www.saut-en-parachute.com
  3. I was talking about the canopy from precision dating from the nineties... I know a guy still jumping one of these, and I was wondering if there where still some others around.... "The Batwing is among Precision's highest performance canopies, and is produced in five sizes proportionally scaled to fit a defined weight range." http://www.dropzone.com/gear/Detailed/25.html www.321chutelibre.fr www.saut-en-parachute.com
  4. A fun question, how many batwings are still flying? If you know of one, please put it here. I know a guy who has one in France. Mike www.321chutelibre.fr www.saut-en-parachute.com
  5. mike524

    321 Chutelibre

    Skydiving school near Paris. Saut en parachute tandem et stages de parachutisme proche de Paris
  6. Hi, the sticky part holds on ok but the velcro is really bad. 2 jump and the camera gets knocked off. Lucky I had the lanyard on, but there should be no need for one. I agree with DSE, 75 jumps is "a little bit" low for jumping with a camera... blue skies Mike www.321chutelibre.fr www.saut-en-parachute.com
  7. If you want something small you've got the CG65 from sanyo. I've been using it for nearly 2 years doing tandem and AFF Advantages: real small ( it's just like having a big altimeter) x0.2 or x0.3 adaptable real cheap 165€ Small file size makes it faster to transfer Cons: image quality not HD colors For working it's easy to use and you're not flying with a brick on your hand. Editing vegas 8 Royal are making a x0.3 for the sanyo HD1000 which is just a little bit bigger. This is HD and could be a good solution in quality and size. ( the HD1010 has come out a month ago) Mike
  8. I had one before, accurate: ok, sensitivity: not to good but got the position in freefall Be carefull not to lose it in freefall, if bumped it just snaps off! I have the 205 which is really great: smaller more sensitive USB harder to lose. Mike www.321chutelibre.fr www.saut-en-parachute.com
  9. I had them on line today, they told me that they will soon have a 110° wide angle. What will that be worth? Mike www.321chutelibre.fr www.saut-en-parachute.com