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  1. I take this back after seeing the video of his chop. I might have too and definitely would have if it was an AFF jump. Yes, he IS a tool but maybe he can get many more people interested in our sport too?
  2. I just want to know why the answer at perris wasn't "just no"
  3. Sure seems like a porter to me, sliding left door, single turbine, and a tailwheel.
  4. This is addressed to all DZO’s. It’s in response to a recent video of a student cutting away far too low, that made the internet and was removed a few hours later. This video is excellent training material that should be shown in every FJC from this day forward. Someone did everything wrong and got incredibly lucky. Students need to know the trouble they can get into. Luckily for us, this is the internet and it still exists: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=607_1516923160 Stop hiding gnarly video. Shit happened, was captured on video, no one died, and now its training material. This is a dangerous sport. Shit is going to happen, and when it does the community needs to learn from it. No tandem or AFF student is going to go to the other DZ because some video of a tail wrap on your aircraft exists. They wont find it and if they do, they don’t know what that means, or the risk to the passengers and aircraft. Theres a video of a porter stall spining for many thousand feet on the internet. Call that DZO and ask how much his tandem business suffered when it came out, I’ll bet he didn’t notice. Sure, if you have video of a student almost fall out of the tandem harness and live or a tandem elevator ride, maybe delete that one. But when we have a sport fuckup on video, that should be public knowledge.
  5. My Sabre had a pocket slider and opened great 98% of the time, out of the 50 or so jumps I put on it, I was beaten once.
  6. That was my first thought, 6000lbs cargo capacity is hard to do under 12,500. It sounds more like an ATR replacement.
  7. I can't imagine the second spinny thing actually makes the cost of operation double. According to an article the blackhawk caravan burns up to 65gph while a twin otter burns 90gph. Assuming you can do four full loads per hour in the blackhawk and three in the otter that makes 72 jumpers per hour for each craft. Assuming you pay $20/load and fuel costs $3/gal the blackhawk will cost $275/hr while the otter will cost $330/hr. So yeah, a B model blackhawk is more efficient than an otter but not by double, more like 20%.
  8. Seems like a term the FAA would use...
  9. As a packer I'm not convinced this is the case, while my stowless experience is limited I'm faster packing rigs with rubber band stows.
  10. Slower airspeed actually means less parasite drag and more induced drag (drag resulting from lift). The attached graph illustrates this principle.
  11. Just buy the one that you like more. I jump a Javelin because I got it used for a great price but my first new rig will be from RI. Everyone I talk to with a RI rig says its better than sliced bread but the 25% veteran discount might be the reason I've decided on them...
  12. Neither, they're not jumpable...
  13. In a word: fast. Things seem to happen very quickly at this loading. I stand almost all of them up, I've heel slid to my ass or tripped trying to run out a fast landing. I'm flying this loading because its what the used gear that fit me at my dz was built for. I'm aware of the danger but its always the other guy that actually gets hurt, right?
  14. My exit weight is about 230lbs, I have 62 jumps and the last 40 have been on a 189 safire 2, 190 saber 2, or 188 pilot. I seem to be handling this loading alright and am really enjoying my canopy time.