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  1. I have the same dilemma. I think the main question you need to ask yourself is: Do you prefer a longer, slimmer rig to a shorter rig? The V344 is 19’’ against the 17.5’’. Maybe someone can tell us if that difference actually makes a real difference in comfort when pulling – especially for tall people. My guess is that it doesn’t really make too much of a difference. There’s also the question of design and shape. Being a Micron the V310 is designed near rectangular while the V344, being a “normal” Vector, is more of a trapeze shape. I am a tall guy (197 cm), but as things stand now I prefer the build and design of The Micron slightly over that of the V344. Maybe I will change my mind if I discover that the 1.5’’ difference has a huge impact. The “cool kids” jump Microns, but I doubt you will have any trouble re-selling a regular Vector 3. Cheers.
  2. I see your point. But I never claimed it would be capable of overstuffing an extra size because of the 10% - I merely said that it couldn't hurt to have a little more space for the same dimensions. Also: Smaller looking rig with the same amount canopy in it. Another very valid point. I am planning on freeflying, but if I choose to jump a used rig in the 190 canopy size, I will probably sell this rig before I start freeflying for real. If I buy new, this will of course have to be taken into consideration. The Danish National Freefly Team is from my club and they all jump Vectors though, now that I think about it. But most people in my skydive community are very Vector-biased. Also a good point. Money is no issue as such, but things still has to make sense and not be retarded. My problem right now is that I'm 197 cm tall and weigh about 97 kg, which makes most used rigs unfit for my freakish body. Furthermore, I need to jump bigger canopies than the average rookie skydiver because of it. So I can't wait around forever for a usable used rig to show up - though it might be the best thing to do, jump it for a good many jumps and then buy a shinny new rig when I know more about what I want and what I can safely fly and land.
  3. It seems to me that this is a very attractive feature in my specific case, since I want to pack a 190 into a rig sized for 170 for some time. I am not sure if my logic is sound at all, but the extra 10% should make it more forgiving to do this, put less "strain" on the rig from the over-filling of a 190 and make packing a bit easier.
  4. Thanks for the response guys! A couple of follow-up questions: 1. Does anyone know what the “increase of 10% volume” that RI advertises about the Curv means? Am I to understand that I can pack 10% more canopy into a Curv compared to another container brand of similar physical dimensions? And why? And is it really a thing or just a commercial stunt? 2. Does anyone know if the Curv can be ordered with black hardware? 3. Does anyone know if the Curv can be fitted with a Skyhook? 4. Does anyone have experience with the “Sure-Grip” handles? Are they “more” sure-grip than other handles for cutaway and reserve deployment? Thanks!
  5. Hello guys I’m in the marked for my first own rig and have of course scanned the marked and the different brands thoroughly. I think I have my choices narrowed down to either a Vector 3 or a Voodo Curv 2.0. My plan is to buy it sized for a 170 and then pack a 190 into it until I learn to safely fly a 170. Now, this is NOT another “which rig is best”-thread. I know that they are both excellent rigs that you could never go too wrong about. I was just wondering (in your opinion) if there is a brand that would be more recommendable in my specific size spectrum? So: Is a Curv or a Vector 3 best at 170 (or 190)? Or is this really just a stupid question? In general, Skyhook and general reputation pulls me towards Vector 3, while innovation and comfort pulls me towards Curv. Both look really good. Curv maybe has an awkward BOC, some tell me, but that would probably just be a matter of getting used to. Any thoughts? Cheers and thanks!