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  1. Yep, He has been busy. I got the email yesterday asking if the canopy was still available, then this morning I got the following: Hello , I'm really glad with the content of your mail,Thanks so much for everything, Please help me take proper care of it because I believe by now it belongs to me.I am okay with the price and condition of the ITEM..Please DO NOT respond to anybody again .About the shipment,I will take care of that myself.. I shall contact a shipping company that normally does that for me.I shall pay in US Money order or Cashier Check that will clear into your account within 24/48 hours before will can proceed on the shipment immediately after it clear you will deduct your own cost and transfer the rest of the fund to the shipping company in order for them to come for the pickup of item to take place in your location... I am really glad that you want me to get the ITEM and my family will be happy also when I get it,Because i really needed it for presentation Please email me back today. I'll need your data for the check, viz; FULL NAME....... CONTACT ADDRESS........ ASKING PRICE............ CITY........ STATE............ ZIP CODE......... PHONE NUMBER......... Please mail me today to let me know I am the rightful owner...and also to let you know that the payment will be issued out within 48 is my phone number (575) 618-3115 for more details...Thanks for selling to located in CHICAGO IL.... Cheers
  2. I personally saw one fire at 11,000' while the jumper was in freefall. The only response/explanation from Aviacom was to send a new unit once the affected unit was returned to them. I wonder how many similar incidents have happened that are not widely known? So Argus users should open their reserve container before every jump to "check one's AAD?" My understanding is that you can also go through the Argus menu to see if it has "fired," but that as a procedure does not inspire confidence. Besides, neither option is practical to do before every jump. It could be easily argued that people have an AAD *precisely* for situations when they are unable to "behave properly" (i.e. unconscious). So let's make a bad situation even worse? Some would say that you're probably better off with an Argus installed than no AAD at all. I'd say the jury is still out on that one. But if you're going to spend the money on an AAD, why not just get proven technology like a Cypres?
  3. When you put the rig on, rotate the hip junctions forward and then snug the leg straps. This usually takes care of any rig-separation issues, assuming the harness was made for the wearer (ie, custom).
  4. I would pay particular attention to the way you're bagging the canopy. I'm guessing that you are right-handed and that you put the d-bag around the left part of the stacked canopy first and then compress the right side in to make it fit. This will distort the right side of the canopy--making it turn right on opening--no matter how carefully you flake the fabric and quarter the slider. Try to visualize maintaining the symmetry and integrity of your stack as the canopy is bagged. And to summarize what others have said: don't mess with the nose, keep the slider quartered, and everything else symmetrical. Have fun and stay safe.
  5. Right. It would just not be legal for you to board a plane with the intention of *jumping* it until it's repacked by a rigger.
  6. How about the force on a 26" f-111 non-collapsible? and a 30" f-111? 33" f-111? Is there any universe in which a 26" f-111 would be adequate for student-sized canopies? (240 or 260sqft)
  7. Glass "A" sure looks like the shot glass they gave out in the boogie packs two years ago!!
  8. I've done a couple thousand jumps on various javelins and have NEVER had the flaps come open. Besides the obvious things that people have already mentioned (like broken stiffeners), a closing loop that is too long will definitely make the flaps more prone to open. Another thing that will help: after tucking the closing flap, *push* the flap further in towards the loop. The Javelin is a great rig, and with just a little bit of attention it is just as safe and secure as any other rig out there.
  9. i remember seeing a picture where one of these dinosaurs were jumped at bridge day a few years back.