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  1. Hey stop it right there, don't drag us into your mess. We know that climate change is real, we know the importance of public healthcare, we know that more guns doesn't mean less shootings and we tend to check the things our politicians say for facts before we elect them. So please leave Germany out of it.
  2. I really really doubt that the republicans will loose any support whatever they do. If we approach this from a rational perspective they should have lost all support when they essentially blocked the goverment for the last four years or started spilling lies.
  3. That is actually one of the things I don't understand of all this. It was obvious from the beginning that he was either a liar or a con artist. But neither of these qualify to be leader of a country, how can someone not see this? How can you not understand that Trump represents everything Hillary haters have been saying about her, for example they say that Hillary is bought by corporations and the industry. Trump IS the corporation, he is the embodiment of all the things Hillary was accused of. And yet people voted for him, I don't understand how people can not see this. Its so freaking obvious.... Maybe I am too young or my view on the world and humanity is too simplistic in general, but I am really not sure anymore if democracy is the right means to achieve long lasting peace and prosperity in the world after 2016.
  4. A well written piece of opinion that reflects my thoughts on the way western society is developing. I'd like to hear opinions from others about it.
  5. Dear British Citizens, Congratulations, as of today you are only the second most stupid nation in the world. Sincerely
  6. Boris Gaykovich, great coach with a laidback attitude and a good approach to teaching. He also helps you with stuff like getting a cab from the airport to the tunnel and so on. He is here on, just pm BIGBUG.
  7. Not sure if you are mentally less gifted or trolling.
  8. Fair point, but there is a catch.... If the base price changes then the end price changes too, so since the base price changed dramatically my assumption was that it should change as well for the consumer and that's where I opened a thread on to ask about it. By the way sinking fuel prices mean also sinking shipping/delivering costs. Cheers
  9. @dpreguy Read my second post, click on the link, rethink what you wrote and remember to read and think first next time before you post. thank you. Thanks for all the helpful answers, I understand the problematic a lot better. Cheers
  10. Seriously guys, read first before you reply. I wasn't bitching, I asked politely about the connection between oil- and ticket prices. Because I don't understand why the dramatic drop doesn't have any effect when its affecting the general economy pretty heavily. Cheers
  11. I get your points, but keep in mind that the prices have been going down A LOT, I mean according to this source ( the price has been at highest in August 2013 and went down by more than two thirds until today. That's not just a little drop, I mean that's huge. I have no idea how much percentage of a jump operation is made up by the fuel price. But I jump on a small non-commercial DZ and in the recent years the main reason for the price going up as we have been told was the fuel. So I'm asking myself why the ticket price doesn't go back down with cheaper fuel since it was the reason to go up in the first place. Cheers
  12. So the oil price has been falling like a heavy bellyflyer with addiotional weights but somehow nothing changed about the jump prices, at least here in europe... I wonder if someone could shed a light on the relation between falling oil/kerozene prices and jump tickets. Cheers
  13. Am I the only one who finds it interesting (funny) that some wildlife enthusiasts seem to be more concerned than the "OUT OF CONTROL FEDERAL GOVERMENT WHO WANT TO TAKE OUR GUNS AND THE TERRORIST OBAMA"?
  14. THANKS OBAMA! Edit: Oh, since they say, that they have a hydrogen bomb it must be true. "According to Kim Jong-Il's official biography he was born on Mount Paektu under a double rainbow as a new star appeared in the sky."
  15. Let's not forget that cars are a mean of transportation which is needed in daily life.