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  1. Blis

    New SL/IAD "freefall" jump requirement

    Where I jump it is minimum of 32 jumps when doing SL/IAD... Personally I feel that 25 jumps for license is not nearly enough, I mean most of the AFF students that get licensed cant even exit properly...
  2. I am curious how likely you are to break the thing when packing it. It's not as much that I care about breaking the GPS as much as if the battery were to fail and leak you would have to replace your whole main, container and even possibly your reserve. Curious how likely that is to happen. I know of two cases where the case has developed a crack, but both of them were installed in pouches inside the d-bag. In my method you just tuck the yepzon between the folds before putting the canopy in d-bag... My yepzon is still pristine...
  3. It doesent. If you dont have cellular service the thing is a brick. You shouldent need LTE though. I checked with Ping and they said the device will work on 2G. Incase of yepzon you only need enough cellular service to send the gps-coordinates to your phone...
  4. Here's how I've attached mine. Reserve slink between canopy top attachment and bridle, hook the yepzon on it... So far it has lasted two seasons without any problems...
  5. I, several of my friends and a lot of people in nordics use these Takes you within meters of your canopy...
  6. Blis

    Packing Nightmare

    I'm not a rigger or a psycho packer, but a few of my friends pack that way. I've never seen them use an S-fold. They just flip the cocooned canopy over, top skin down, fold the upper corners inward, and then roll it up, from the bridle attachment down to the stabilizers, like rolling up a rug. Any comments, anyone? Tried it once, gave the smoothest opening I've ever had... Downside is that compared to my usual style (wolmar-pack) it's much slower therefore I dont use it... It's probaply the easiest way to control a very slippery canopy but all the flipping and stuff takes time compared to other methods...
  7. Blis

    Tunnel Time vs. Buying a rig (New skydiver)

    There are so many more things beside flying skills that are needed to make it in skydiving... Awareness, canopy skills, group flying skills and such.
  8. Blis

    Freefly bungee knot

    It doesnt as long as the lenght is ok...
  9. Blis

    What altitude and I really deploying at?

    Is the FlySight known to be much more accurate than typical altimeters in the vertical plane? I had always assumed direct pressure measurements would be more accurate and GPS was only necessary for the horizontal plane. Direct pressure readings are rather unreliable in our sport becouse the airflow around us quite turbulent and depending on the orientation you have low and high pressure zones that interfere with the measurement...
  10. Blis

    Tips for packing a new canopy?

    That's what I do/teach, around the sides, not pushed up, so that when you fold it the skin is tight all the way around and there's only a single slit on what would be the bottom of it when it's still on the ground. This, first thing after laying canopy on ground is to straighten the tail under the canopy and check for roll (it should be in middle). Every single wrinkle that is left on the fabric adds more to bulk.
  11. Blis

    Tips for packing a new canopy?

    Different packing techniques are just tools in your toolbox, having more tools means you have better chance of actually using the right one for the job. Canopy shape affects things, crossbraced require bit different style than your 260sqft student canopy. If you're stuck on just one PD approved style you will have a bad day as a packer when someone gives you something "exotic" to pack...
  12. Blis

    UPT sizing chart

    Or because the Speed uses a different, thinner, fabric, so therefore packs smaller? You're probably right. I haven't seen one yet. Just going with what my rigger reckons. Do you have any experience with it? Perhaps of a 150 in a V308? I have a 308. At those sizes you really need to step up to a larger container. Stop trying to cram the biggest shit in the smallest container you think will fit. How's your OP126 fit then? Should be loose according to the chart... Just packed OP143 in V308 yesterday and it was a fairly full fit...
  13. That is part of Rigging 101...
  14. This is pretty much it. Also I personally jump in a fairly cold climate, meaning there will be extra layers of clothes, thick gloves, frozen helmets and alike. All this means that I'll rather have something I can find and pull without visual and/or frozen fingers... Also if your freeflying buddies are such a big liability you cant trust them not to go for your handles or they are bumping you a lot in the air you should really take a moment and think whether you want to jump with those people...
  15. Blis

    UPT sizing chart

    I got a speed 2000 120 in a v306 and it's just the perfect size (bit soft), 135 in a v308 is most likely quite loose, 150 would be a better fit most likely...