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  1. BASE 1375, You cant make fun of anybody in today's world. You might make the person feel bad and he will cry.. and we Cant have a grown man cry over some comments made on the internet.
  2. found this today LOL
  3. I have the suit put two jumps on it so far. Each jump kicked my ass, the suit has surprising power.
  4. Thanks I didn't know that about the low-bulk. I was able to Demo a storm 170 at a boogie. I think I'll be going with the storm
  5. Just looking for a new canopy to fly. I have around 500 jumps on my Specter, just looking to fly something else now.
  6. Good Idea, I reached out to ApexBase and PD (and another vender)to setup demos.
  7. High traffic at my DZ, I like to deploy away from the landing area and just fly my canopy back to the landing zone. I always back it back the LZ so its never been an issue. I was thinking about the Epicene as well, but was talked out of it... If you're at CarolinaFest this year maybe we can talk about it. I hear the WS LO for CarolinaFest this year is a member of WickedWingsuits. -Dave
  8. Hello all, I'm up in the air on what Canopy to get to replace my Specter 170 for WS. I'm looking at the PD Strom and the ApexBase Lobo. I am getting told both are awesome of WS BUT I'm not into Base Jumping and I don't know if the Lobo is the right fit for me... Sometimes I need to come back from a Long Spot after deployment, so I'm worry the Lobo won't be able to make it back to the DZ. Also packing the lobo I'm not to sure about... Any thoughts anyone has on this would be a great help to me. Thanks! Dave
  9. check out and DZ Car pool
  10. Democrats will always try to impose over control of the population.
  11. He was a good man and I'll miss talking to him
  12. wow he really did pound in that landing...
  13. Whats the cover up? Everything has been been put out on the table for all to see. What other information are you looking for???
  14. Your vote options suck and so does your motive for posting this. You just have beef with the man so you want to start shit.