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  1. Hey sweet!!! Thanks man, I'll be in touch.
  2. Great, thanks for the FB groups! I had the same thought about the train; it's actually super easy to get anywhere along the NE Corridor so if people live near a train station I could definitely meet them there if they were willing to share a lift.
  3. Hey people, I moved here from Oregon and currently don't have a car, but my parachute sits in the corner of my room and likes to taunt me. I'm in Princeton (grad student). Any weekend warriors nearby want to help a brother out with a ride to a DZ sometime? I can pitch on gas and buy you beer. And I promise I won't stab you. Holla atchya boy!!!
  4. Twins!
  5. Worked for this dude
  6. I've seen that video before (the fb one right above me, I beleive also the same one in the op) and the montage of reserve deployments confuses me--obviously most of them are activated by the cypress (you see someone holding the control unit/some other electronic gizmo) but then some of them look to be just someone pulling silver. Why include those in the video? They don't show anything.
  7. I have a benny and like it a lot. Mine has the option audible pocket insert (2). I wouldn't call it quiet, but I don't wear earplugs. As far as the coolness factor, there are quite a few at my dz. So I guess we are all super lame.
  8. What is your exit weight? Do you fly a predictable pattern? How are your landings? I got a 190 safire2 after getting my A as per the advice of my instructors and have been doing just fine with it. YMMV
  9. "The survey respondents who were most sexist were generally older men who voted for a right-wing political party, lived in a rural area and had a lower level of formal education." Surprise!
  10. PI article - "Do you fall to your death if the power goes out?" Should we tell him about the snake pit under the tunnel?
  11. Small rings get you style points. Larger rings give you an easier breakaway--more mech. advantage.