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  1. Hey sweet!!! Thanks man, I'll be in touch.
  2. Great, thanks for the FB groups! I had the same thought about the train; it's actually super easy to get anywhere along the NE Corridor so if people live near a train station I could definitely meet them there if they were willing to share a lift.
  3. Hey people, I moved here from Oregon and currently don't have a car, but my parachute sits in the corner of my room and likes to taunt me. I'm in Princeton (grad student). Any weekend warriors nearby want to help a brother out with a ride to a DZ sometime? I can pitch on gas and buy you beer. And I promise I won't stab you. Holla atchya boy!!!
  4. He should go buy a powerball ticket.
  5. Twins!
  6. Crohnie

    Pull reserve before cutaway???

    Worked for this dude
  7. Crohnie

    CYPRES cutters seen in action

    I stand corrected. Thanks
  8. Crohnie

    CYPRES cutters seen in action

    I've seen that video before (the fb one right above me, I beleive also the same one in the op) and the montage of reserve deployments confuses me--obviously most of them are activated by the cypress (you see someone holding the control unit/some other electronic gizmo) but then some of them look to be just someone pulling silver. Why include those in the video? They don't show anything.
  9. I have a benny and like it a lot. Mine has the option audible pocket insert (2). I wouldn't call it quiet, but I don't wear earplugs. As far as the coolness factor, there are quite a few at my dz. So I guess we are all super lame.
  10. Crohnie

    Is a 190 main ok for a novice first rig?

    What is your exit weight? Do you fly a predictable pattern? How are your landings? I got a 190 safire2 after getting my A as per the advice of my instructors and have been doing just fine with it. YMMV
  11. Crohnie

    Seattle In-door Skydiving...???

    PI article - "Do you fall to your death if the power goes out?" Should we tell him about the snake pit under the tunnel?
  12. Crohnie

    New Vector 3

    Small rings get you style points. Larger rings give you an easier breakaway--more mech. advantage.
  13. Crohnie

    Alternative bridle routing/closing method

    I could be wrong, but isn't it when the pin pierces the bridle and gets "locked" in place? Edit: beat me to it