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    Dusty and Reese / Ogden Tunnel

    +1 !!!! And there are a bunch of NorCal people who will agree with me. I learn so much more in the time out here that it makes the plane ticket and hotel worth it since I would pay more than that to spend more time learning the same thing at my home tunnel. I don't know what it is, but they definitely have the mojo that keeps bringing me and my friends back!
  13. Is it really worth it? There is always another day to skydive, even if it's not for another few months or however long it takes to heal and get back. Maybe when I was 18 and a newer jumper I would be more 'go go go go,' but it's just not worth it in my (now older) humble opinion. I had a complete tear of my LCL back in March and was out for 4 months-- no tunnel, no jumping, no nothing. Sucks, but it is what it is when something like that happens.
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    Ugh... need a new rig!

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    Rock on

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    Fun at Byron

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    Sunset Landing

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    2010 Puerto Rico Boogie

    I was there for a lengthy stay over the boogie last year and it was almost too much for me. I eat pretty balanced/homecooked/organic meals and showing up there eating all the pork fat and grease for 10 days was just too much for me! Make sure you bring some pepto!! Going back again this year, but just for the week this time. Can't wait for beach sunset jumps!!
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    FreeFly clown suit

    Talk to SimonBones on here... he is wearing that huge old school suit in the center fold in September's Parachutist. It will effect your flight big time, not to metion it will make flying pretty difficult if you have a lot of suit to fight and you're an inexperienced flyer. It will slow you down a LOT. I am the other flyer in the picture with Simon, and my split head up position that I am in has a fall rate of around 125-130 (I'm really floaty in that freefly suit) and Simon was able to match that fall rate head down in that suit while the photographer (The111) was taking the shots on his belly! So, yea... imagine how slow that suit makes you! You can check out other pictures from that jump to see him head down matching me in that suit... he did some wicked flying, and the suit looks cool....a blast from the past!