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  1. I dont know much about much but i certainly did NOT vote for R.W.
  2. my advice would be to dont jump. You should be using any extra time and money to educate yourself and work towards getting a good job. There is plenty of time for jumping and other sports. Get yourself in the position to be able to not worry about the cost of a jump ticket, or the cost of new vs used container. you need to live with one foot in the present and one foot in the future, Or as some one else might say "live in the present but plan for the future" don
  3. after montana keep heading to Seattle area. Go bicoastal dwh
  4. Is there any data backing up 180 day repacks vs a longer cycle. 180 days seems short. my airplane has a bsr chute and it only gets repacked once every ten years. I would worry that numerous repacks would induce a certain failure rate
  5. I use a soloman back protector. I got the idea from speed riding. It fits under my jumpsuit, and I don't much notice it. In hindsight, I would size my suit with the back protector on. My reasoning, is if I crash hard on my back, the reserve and AAD, could act as a fulcrum and injure my spine. I have no statistics to back up this theory. I also wear a coccyx protector, for my all too common but landings. dwh
  6. This guy hasn't stepped down yet? what the heck is he waiting for?
  7. katzas as a newbie Thank you good value used equipment isnt always what it seems.
  8. I am a newbie but bought a new container after getting my license. I got a mirage, as that is the "local rig". It is nice but one of the things I sort of wanted was a MARD. Just seems to make sense to me. can I get a rigger to install a skyhook on a mirage container? I wouldnt mind buying a vector but wait time is nearly nine months. OUCH My other thought would be to just order a vector and sell my container when it arrives. dwh
  9. I hate to nit pick but an Orthopedic sports surgeon is not the correct orthopedist to see. It would be an ortopedic TRAUMA surgeon who is the ideal treatment provider. Just a personal pet peeve of mine that somehow people think if you injure yourself doing a sport, then you need to see a sports surgeon. I dont know but I am willing to bet that the person who put screws in your jaw was NOT an orthopedic sports medicine doctor dwh
  10. dont expect 100% recovery and ROM. Never happens after that kind of injury, you will however be fully functional. Also, dont consider removing the plates for atleast a very long time, if ever.
  11. I am new so forgive me do you need to be a USPA member to jump at most dropzones? Obviously USPA is a self imposed governing body, I guess the question would be, if enough people are dissatisfied, someone should make a rival organization. Easy enough to do if a group is so inclined. THink PADI vs NAUI?
  12. As some are trying to point out, it is about professionalism. If the instructors want to be viewed as professional, then they should act as such. It is poor form. It has been pointed out on this forum, there are many examples where it is not condoned in business, academia and certainly not in my profession (medical). I would not even consider asking out a former patient. I will also add, that as the owner of the school, I would not allow it in one of my instructors. dwh
  13. one thing that people have overlooked is the idea of maintainence induced failure (MIF) in the airplane world. Often the inspection is capable of causing as many problems as fixing. In the example given, where the rigger "sees mistakes" and then assumes that shorter inspection periods would be beneficial, forgets to include that shorter inspection periods will likely add "mistakes " to the system. The idea of extending an inspection cycle is to fall into the category of "if it aint broke dont fix it." DWh
  14. Bigun I hope to never use my airplane parachute, much like I hope to not use my reserve. I am not here to debate you on the proper repack of resereve cycle. I just would find 120 days quite short given that the reserve is unused during this time. If you wnat to debate that the system needs to be inspected, then break down your arguement to just that. dwh