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  1. I was wondering the same thing: Why are the seatbelts set up so that you have to reach behind and take the seatbelt. There's a much higher risk an airplane will encounter a sudden stop comparing to sudden acceleration. In a sudden stop scenario, you'll travel towards the nose of the airplane the length of the seatbelt, and then another length until it's tight. If seatbelts were attached a bit forward (instead of reaching back for them), wouldn't that be better? (referring to standard sit-on-the-floor Caravan/etc seatbelt setup)
  2. I can confirm. Although, I have a Spectre 97 in Wings W1-2, and Velo 79. Both are pretty tight in there. (My Katana 89 packs softer than either of those two).
  3. Just a thought - I was wondering - why don't rigs have a transparent window (similar to cypres one) in the reserve tray, accessible only behind the rigger's seal, that would have repack date written on it? It would solve pencil packing issue. To change it, seal needs to be broken (as opposed to current way of signing the packing card), but can be viewed through a transparent window any time
  4. This feedback might not be too useful based on your question / desired loading, but my Spectre 97 works great for me. For wingsuiting I load around 1.5 (no weight belt), and 4way at around 1.7:1 (20lbs weight belt). Opens and lands great. I'm not sure I'd load it much higher - we're usually landing crosswind at my dropzone, and it's sometimes a little bit of a run at touchdown. My Katana has a bit more bottom end power but I wouldn't wingsuit with it :)
  5. +1 for 2lbs pockets. It's just easier. If they fit in the weight belt But then again, I fly with 20lbs belt with my 4way team, so if you fly with less maybe it's less annoying to adjust
  6. I tried to use Plexus (plastic/plexiglass cleaner) that I use on my airplane, and it worked great. Now my G3 visor is really clean (minus a few scratches from tunnel walls)
  7. I bet they oiled up the strut to be a bit more slippery. Otherwise students hang on for too long, and decide to change their mind and climb back in Edited to add a clicky http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmQiAioRcmM
  8. drudchen

    New iPad

    What I really want from my tablet is to have USB so that I can connect my GoPro/stills camera at the dropzone during a day of jumping - watch videos/debrief, backup stuff.. You need Itunes and a real computer to get anything on ipad, and that defeats the purpose I'll wait till Windiws 8 arm tablets come out
  9. +1. Carolyn is an awesome RW/4way coach! GO TGS! for freefly, I'd recommend Darren (he works at the tunnel)
  10. whaat? I have a friend I used to jump with all the time (In Canada too/Toronto) who has the same last name :P Max Boyko.. hehe any relation?
  11. relevant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGBe-Rh7o4U
  12. From the site: "A Solo Skydiving Rig costs $7,500 and is also good for approximately 500 jumps before it starts needing repair work. $7,500/500 jumps = $15 per jump." Seriously?? So after 500 jumps it'll need more than 7500 in repairs (so you're better off buying new again)? I must have been doing something wrong...
  13. I thought cx550 had optical stabilization and would be no good for skydiving?... Not sure if extra megapixels in still mode would matter if the video itself isn't up to par comparing to cheaper cx100/105/150 counterpart.