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  1. ATM only 2 x 1 inch folds both top and bottom, but ill change to just one up the top, and see how it goes
  2. Hey crew, got 80+ jumps on the KA135 loaded at 1.7 and just trying to speed up openings/reduce snivelling a little. Canopy has nearly 400 jumps (lowers replaced) but still in v good condition, trim is good. The openings are Katanaesque, and have adjusted my packing to suit. I am currently exposing the centre cell (quite a bit) with slider pushed in, and the 4 cells adjacent each side folded in to promote centre cell inflation/on heading openings, link to packing style attached. Hop n pop openings are taking 1000-1200’ even with a 10 second delay, and terminal openings 800-1000’. Is this just a Katana characteristic that I should get used to, or is there something else I can do. I also hardly roll the tail, maybe 2 x 1 inch folds. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Sent a canopy to Belgium (EU) and there was an additional incoming tax that the recipient was unaware of. Hence the reason it took so long to clear customs.
  4. nah its all good mate. Sorted now. Thanks.
  5. Has anyone had issues sending a canopy to the EU, Belgium, from a non EU country? I would have though that as an essential piece of safety equipment, it may be exempt to any local taxes, VAT?
  6. Depends if you want the canopy for everything, ie fun jumps as well as WS. I did have a Storm for the do it all canopy, had a couple of spicy openings, and then a first version Epicene came up (2nd Hand). I now use that for WS only. Epicene openings have been excellent (except one) compared to my other ZP canopy WS jumps. The benefit of the openings far outweigh the reduced glide and Flare of the canopy. If you are going to WS long enough and plan on jumping something bigger than a Havok/Funk, then get a F111 7cell WS specific canopy for those jumps. Your reserve packer will thank you. The container I currently jump allows for a Low bulk 170 main (Epicene) down to a 135 ZP, so I can both fun jump/AFF and WS. Best of luck.
  7. Thanks for the input guys, When I initially posted this I was uncurrent and hadn't jumped the katana yet. I have since jumped it maybe 60+ both H/P and terminal. Ack everyones points, I am also an experienced AFF/TM Instructor and relatively conservative when it comes to Canopy. I am not a canopy coach and would not recommend the same approach to others, but I have had no issues on openings/landing and quite enjoy the canopy. Should have been jumping this years ago.
  8. How would I find going from a PD Storm 150 at 1.5 to a Katana 135 @ 1.6? Happy currently doing 90's, but looking for something a little more "sporty". Anyone have experience jumping with similar canopies?
  9. The current setup for the Jav D Bag is for there bottom of the bridle to be stitched into the inside of the d bag, either side of the grommet. If I were to use a similar sized d bag, with a different bridle/PC combination that wasn't stitched in, am I going to have any issues? Has anyone here done this? Thanks in advance.