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  1. I did the theoretical course at 14, and the first jump at 18, with the t-10 s / l. My parents did not give me permission (I had to wait until I was 18). I jumped in boituva (brazil) by the clube de paraquedismo de são paulo. in 1981. I think it was much simpler than today.[;)
  2. I'm not sure if it's 4 or 5. and the week of July 26 to August 3 dz will operate the entire week nonstop.
  3. deimian hi, you are right, namur is not working at the moment, and I looked for some dz which are not far from Brussel (Charleroi), the only one that works 6 days a week in Belgium is Spa...
  4. hello, dz the only one that I know that is open during the week of spa, others are just for the weekend, a really good is to Hoevenen in Antwerp, the visuals are gorgeous and the jump is cheap, operates a Cessna 206 Soloy . there are also schaffen with a cessna caravan which is pretty cool, and Namur (Temploux) which is very good, with a pilatus porter. Here are the links: http://www.paraclubhoevenen.net/ http://www.pcv.be/ http://www.paraclubnamur.com/ these 3 dz are less than 1 hour from Brussels. Welcome to Belgium ....
  5. you can try dz in Hoevenen, Antwerp and the wonderful visual (you jump not far from the port of antwerp), dz is a small operating a Soloy Cessna 206 and 35 min. from Brussels. http://www.paraclubhoevenen.net/ do not forget the beer and mussels, hi, hi, hi
  6. I loved, especially by not being able to visit pd (which is my dream)
  7. I though that I was the only one that like this canopy... THANKS
  8. I like the merit, the opening is firm (I admit) but I like the canopy. I jump in Belgium (dz at sea level) and jumped in Brazil (dz at 2400 ft) and had no problems ....
  9. i´m looking to but for a pdf merit 190.... thanks
  10. São Paulo has various dz and Boituva with several clubs is the biggest one, and they have jump masters with uspa rating. if you want further information just ask Ps: January is summer in Brazil is the best period to jump.
  11. hi geoff is possible to send me a copy of the manual for the time out ??? thnks