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  1. >It's survival, not greed that drives the whale or any other animal to kill. I take it you don't have any cats. I do actually! True, very true. My cat does play with cute little animals for his own sick pleasure. And he gets scolded every time!
  2. Mother Nature is a vicious heartless bitch. She's the biggest killer of wildlife of all. I have watched it and don't consider it pleasant to watch. But that is nature and the food chain. I still think I am smarter and therefore have more choices than a killer whale. . Well put. Mother nature is mother nature, she will take care of things as they should be and need to be. It is when man steps in that we make choices FOR mother nature, when WE think we know what's good for the envirnment. ----------------------------------------------------------- In anycase, the killer whale is killing for its survival not the vanity of where a nice coat. Again, well put. It's survival, not greed that drives the whale or any other animal to kill.
  3. Wow, facts! What a refreshing concept. Thanks for posting that, to counteract the emotional and biased message which started this thread. ] My initial post was fact based. Is this happening or not? Yes it is. Anything this traumatizing to any living creature is going to have some emotion evoked within; Whether you agree with it or not. A person wrote the article, which will portray some kind of personal feeling to it. It's human nature. Your posts are highly emotion based. Killing unborn children raises emotion as well as the killing of innocent human beings around the world. Is it happening? yes. My initiation of this topic was to express my dislike of the situation and to raise awareness. We all have our own reasons for believing if it is right or wrong. And as for the "facts" just reported.....I tend to be hesitant in believing all the "facts" government prints. I would assume by your response, you're a die hard believer in the government and their representation of the facts. To reply to your last statement: In my opinion this is senseless killing. You're right, if there wasn't a demand for fur coats they wouldn't be killing these creatures. Is it senseless in my book, regardless of how other things are being killed in this world? YES. Again, if you don't live in some arctic area of the world there is no need for such a LUXURY item. TO kill something for necessity (like food) is one thing, to kill inhumanely based on your own personal greed for something that you don't really need is another. Again, just my opinion. .
  4. seperate I agree with the other one?...again, seperate issues .
  5. and wear video too... because i'm definately cheering for the bear/tiger etc... and those those who succeed deserve the rug...... My thoughts exactly
  6. Stop Canada's Cruel And Senseless Baby Seal Hunt 2-25-5 Nearly 1 million baby seals will be clubbed or shot to death in Canada in just three years. Shockingly, the hunt is subsidized by the Canadian government! Every winter, Northwest Atlantic harp seals migrate to Eastern Canada to give birth and mate. Following their birth in late winter, mothers leave in search of mates, while the pups remain helpless and vulnerable on the ice until they can swim and catch their own food. It's during this time when they are most vulnerable that they are mercilessly slaughtered for their pelts! Hunters armed with clubs and rifles will bludgeon to death hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals. About 96% of the seals killed will be less than three months old and more than 40% may be skinned alive! Canada's seal hunt is the largest deliberate slaughter of marine mammals in the world. But the killing of baby seals doesn't make sense economically or ecologically, nor is it sustainable. It's simply a tragic slaughter of defenseless animals that benefits a small minority of boat captains armed with big ships, snowmobiles and even personal helicopters. This isn't about small town survival or tradition, it's an industrial killing machine for profit. But Canada wants the media and public to believe that no one cares about the innocent blood spilled each year across the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This year's hunt will continue until the industry reaches its quota of 319,500 seals.That's why we must raise a public outcry. Please tell the Canadian government that you do care and that this practice is unacceptable. We must show the Canadian Parliament that the rest of the world will no longer stand for this cruel and senseless hunt! Sign petition here: Sad sad individuals. I realize it's part of their economy, but skinning them alive is inhumane; actually the whole thing is just wrong. I thought we had moved beyond killing innocent animals for fur....well, at least for the most part. There are very few places in the world where fur is actualy needed for survivial. Most of these killings are being done for people's own sick desires. Patheitc poeple!
  7. This is sad..... these people have brought in technolgy to hunt innocent prey. These people aren't strong enough or smart enough to actually kill an animal with their own two hands. We already use guns and other vises to kill and hunt animals. My theory has always been (besides the fact that I am against it) "if you're a true hunter and you want to call yourself one, you would put yourself on the same level as the animal and try to beat them in a fare hunting match, mano a mano". The people who hunt with guns or other vises are not strong enough to beat the animals at their own game....and the sick part is that they feel strong afterwards, it gives them a high! Sad individuals!
  8. I don't know about the bus schedule, but Hollister is probably your best bet. I'm sure they have buses (or even trains) going there. Byron and Lodi are out in the sticks and would proabably take you more than a few hours to get there. Davis is WAY too far without a car....send me a PM and I'll see if I can help you out.
  9. I'll be there and I'm sure some the other norcal girls will join as well! The last one was awesome, can't wait to do it again!
  10. {QUOTE} come on guys--are your jumps REALLY more important than the wildlife? We'll never do a legal NP jump with this kind of irresponsible shit going on. It's all of our responsibility to know about nesting seasons and other REAL restrictions. Just because it's a "bandit" jump doesn't absolve you of your responsibility to treat the place and its occupants with respect. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ In response to this comment and Nate's comment above, Couldn't agree with you more Nate. It's like all those saying that these guys are "not respecting" wildlife are saying that they went out there intentionally to disturb the wildlife, to do them harm and intentionally neglected signs; this isn't the way it went down. They did not absolve themselves of responsisbilty. Nobody but the three of them were there and therefore before you judge other BASE jumpers and their actions and ethics, and give the NPS the benefit of the doubt, sit back and ask yourself if you've ever done something and not known something important about the situation until after the fact (if that is the case here)....sometimes that's called a mistake and we all make them.
  11. Update from Taft 2/20: Hey All, The time has come for the last weekend of Mike Mullins and his King Air, Don’t miss out!! How are we saying goodbye? Well…. On Feb. 26th High altitude jumps $55.00 to 23,000ft., $17.00 skydives to 14,000ft. Followed by a BBQ, (Tri-tip, chicken and sides including BEER) $10.00 donation would be appreciated. On the 27th High altitude jumps will still be offered for any overflow, and jump tickets to 14,000ft. Still $17.00. So come on out to help us say Goodbye, the weather has been great, just because it’s not jumpable in your area, doesn’t mean it isn’t here!! We’ve been jumping every weekend… somehow Taft has this “weather pocket” that protects us from all the crap that’s been coming through lately. Dry and wonderful.. what more can you ask for!!! Bring your tents or stay in the bunkhouse (bring your own sleeping bag). Hotels are listed on our website Blue skies; hope to see you next weekend, Skydive Taft
  12. Looks pretty bad this weekend for Taft. Let's hope next weekend works out better.....Come on Blue Skies, come on!!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday Douva!!! It was great to meet and hang out with you (and Brains) at Nationals. Thanks again for the ride! Hope you guys are doing well over there. Happy Valentine's Day!
  14. Mike Mullins and his awesome King Air are flying its' last weekends this month (last-Feb. 26/27) anyone planning on making a trip? There are a few of us from Nor. Cal going, it should be a really good couple of weekends. This place has such a good vibe and some REALLY great skydivers. There should be freefly organizing and a big party/feast the last weekend. I went last year and will definitely be making the trip this year!
  15. My vote is Byron ( I'm partial, I did my AFF there and the majority of my jumps. Although, we're not open on Tuesday, so my next vote would be Hollister (a lot of us go there when the weather isn't good). It should only take you guys no more than an hour or so to get to both dzs from the city. Call them before you go so you can see if they're doing an AFF course that weekend. As for the weather, it's generally good in March both places, but you can always either fly down south or drive (about 7 hours) if it's not. The view is REALLY nice at Monterey, but there are a lot more upjumpers at Byron; it's just a really good vibe. The View-San Francisco and rolling hills all around (not too shabby). Hollister you get a lot of the same views as Monterey-the beach, hils, etc... Look me up when you get out here! Peace
  16. I know what you;re saying and agree. I do think he is guilty, but I also think the evidence was purely circumstantial. If you were to have actually read my first postings, my point was that the entire trial WAS All I can say is this: Hope like hell no one dies around you. They'd get what they deserved...I think either LWOP or death is appropriate, no? Rightful punishment.
  17. Pick up Alana on your way. Iwan baby, maybe we can meet up later though....if you guys make a bit later on, I might be able to swing it!
  18. [ Who wants to play? You know I'm ALWAYS up to play, especially wth you Shan! No can do tonight though have plans with the fam.....
  19. Most can't. sing it sista'!
  20. I'm in! I'm definately a GFD her! Can't get enough!
  21. Agreed. A death sentence in CA is solice for the defending parties, but it will leave the guilty party rotting in jail for the next 20+ years while he waits his turn. I think the judge will give him the death penalty to do justice to Laci and Connor, knowing that he will sit there for years to come... I say let him rot there. LWOP is hard enough.
  22. "Well presented", why do you think he was convicted? One of his down falls was the fact that his demeanor throughout the entire trial was solumn, closed and unemotional. I wouldn't call Scott well presented, actually his "presentation" worked against him. He jsut lost his wife and unborn child, show some emotion!!! ANy normal, innocent human being would have. The jury didn't convict him on his "good looks" they looked inside and saw the detached liar that he is.... In Italian we say.."chi tasse consente"..who stays quiet, accepts/agrees..Scott's good at that.
  23. Some people put their occupation in their profile. true