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  1. ********************************************* HOTELS OFFERING SKYDIVER DISCOUNTS: Ramada Oceanside 1440 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92058 (6 miles) Phone:(760) 967-4100 Fri/Sat/Sun: per night $85/1 King Rate Code: "Skydivers" Super 8 Oceanside 3240 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92058 (3 mins drive) Phone:(760) 757-7700 Rate: 1 Bed (Queen/King) $95. 2 Double Beds: $99 Rate Code: "Skydiver Rate" Best Western Plus Oceanside Palms Hotel Address: 909 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054Phone:(760) 721-1543 Rate: Rate will go away on May 12th. 1 King: $167 + tax 2 Queen: $176 + tax Full breakfast. Over 30 items to chose from BOOK HERE: Holiday Inn Oceanside Marina Address: 1401 Carmelo Dr, Oceanside, CA 92054Phone:(760) 231-7000 Rate: Rate will go away on June 8th BOOK HERE: 1 King: $165 + tax 2 Queen: $179 + tax Breakfast. Free Parking. 10Min walk from beach Rate Code: “Skydiving Event” - click to book! Baymont Inn & Suites Oceanside 3170 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92056 Phone:(760) 757-2200 $129 + tax per night for a room with 2 queen beds Website: Quality Inn 1403 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92058 Phone:(760) 721-6663 $120 + tax per night for a room with 1 king bed $159 + tax per night for a room with 2 double beds
  2. "LIVE BIGZ" 2015 is ON!! June 13-14, 2015 ***PAY IT FORWARD. INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED*** FOR WHO??: YOU! *FREEFLYERS and RW FLYERS!! LOs: Mikey Carpenter, TJ, Mx, MadJohn to name a few! *WHERE: San Diego, Ca ("Tsunami skydiving" in the beautiful skies of Oceanside) ***USPA MIN LICENSE REQUIRED: B*** *** WINGSUIT: 500 jumps + 70 wingsuit jump MINIMUM*** *NO REG FEE! *ALL LOs WORKING FOR FREE! *PAC 750 plus a Super Otter TURNING ALL DAY SAT & SUN! *PARTY SAT NIGHT! *Beautiful masseuse Laura Paluch will be out both days! * POSITIVITY, LOVE & GIVING BACK ALL WEEKEND! Live Bigz Throw Down 2014 was AWESOME, 2015 is gonna be off the hook!! ********************************************** The way it Rolls: In the spirit of the energy of Robby "Bigz" Bigley Who we lost to a tragic accident in 2009, this event is all about giving back. One of the fathers of innovation in freeflying and sequential work, Robby never charged a registration fee for his events and when not organizing world class skydives, would fun jump with anyone who walked in the hangar door and leave them walking away with a smile on their face. He saw everyone as equals and selflessly always gave back and paid it forward. In this spirit, jump numbers and tunnel time aside, for the 3rd year in a row, we will all gather to jump with those who share the sky with us, those we all "family". ALL of the LOs are world-class skydivers here to organize YOU for 2 full days, giving back in the best way they can. Yep, they're giving back to YOU to keep the true sense of LIFE alive. We feel so fortunate to have the talent we do in such an amazing sport, paying it forward never felt so good. Yeah, that's the LIVE BIGZ WAY. If you've never been, we're excited to have you. Guaranteed, you will feel the energy and will be inspired, wanting more and ready to give back to the world even more than before. If you've been to this event before, well, you get it, You've felt it. We can't wait to see you again! ************************************************ YOUR ORGANIZERS: (awesome list right?!?) The organizers will be paying special attention to low to mid level jumpers of all disciplines while also organizing advanced level skydives. WHY?? As most of us are all very aware, it can be difficult to get organized by some of the best in this sport without hefty boogie or coaching fees. THIS WEEKEND, IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! So what about those of you that shred the air and aren't necessarily in that bucket?? Well, here's your opportunity to GIVE BACK. YOU BECOME AN ORGANIZER as well! Look around you, smile, grab someone you don't know and ask them to jump! FreeFly/Flocking/Tracing: Mx Mikey Carpenter Donagene Jones TJ Mike Knight David Gershfeld - Sat Alana Fulvio plus more to come!! RW: MadJohn! And others TBD - Rich is pulling some awesome rabbits out of his hat very soon! ****************************************** BOOGIE FEE: $0 (That's how "LIVE BIGZ" events role. We don't believe in charging you to just show up) PLANES: Pack and Super Otter ALL DAY LONG SAT &SUN JUMP PRICES: $25.00 Lunch (Sat & Sun): Food trucks/vendors will be out to bring us their awesome food for you to buy (cash only) $TBD SAT NIGHT PARTY!! all included Feast Dinner + Kegs + mixed bar ** Same price for drink or eat only *** All $$ made after we break even goes back into the Boogie fund so we can do this again next year! AUCTION/RAFFLE - to raise $$ for the next Live Bigz event - SPONSORS: RigSleeve, RedBull, LiquidSky, Gopole and more! ******************************************** LIVE BIGZ TSHIRTS will be sold. BRING YOURS FROM LAST YEAR IF YOU GOT IT TOO FOR SAT!! SPREAD THE WORD! INVITE ALL THOSE THAT WANT TO SPREAD THE LOVE, OUR PASSION AND LOVE FOR OUR SKY FMILY. This event GUARENTEES TO LEAVE YOU CHANGED. LIVE BIGZ!!! Alana and Rich
  3. What a great true to who they were and will always be to us. It's hard to believe everytime this happens that you're never going to see your friend again in this life time - puts it into perspective, everytime, how important everyone around me is and that making that evident is so important. I'm going to miss walking into Byron, seeing Tom crashed out on his side of the couch near the video area and his cute/graceful leg thing he did on landing. His mumbling will be missed and the "ch-ch-ch ca-ca-ca" sound he would make over the intercom at random times of the day. But I will mostly miss your understanding of me - you always put me into check with one glance when you weren't sure what I was doing, it always made me think..thanks for that. Kisses to Cumi and a HUGE hug to Shanny. Love you Tom.
  4. Couldn't believe it when I heard it on Saturday. We've lost another really good one. Mike was a wonderful person...full of energy, playful, adventurous, and a dear friend. I was so very fortunate to have known him and to have become closer to him as friends in the past couple of months. To his wife and everyone else that loved him, I'm so sorry. Taft has become like a 2nd home to me and is such a wonderful place; His energy will be greatly missed.
  5. alana


    Bob I'm so sorry. We are here for you. DO NOT hesitate to ask for anything.
  6. QuoteI'm sure GFD is looking down from the Pearly Gates right now, estimating what kind of delay she can take. Well said, my thoughte exactly!
  7. Shan.....dammit. Don't want to believe it's you. So many wonderful times we had. From the Prarie to Rantoul, Chick's Rock to our many skydives at home; Never seizing to make me laugh and smile. I will miss the "Katana dog fights." It was a pleasure working ground crew for you girl...any time. We will miss you at girl's night - we'll hold a place for you. Love you ~ lana
  8. What day? Oops, sorry about that....Sunday 1/1
  9. I may need a ride to the PHX airport for a 4:15pm flight. Anyone need to be at the airport at that time? Can I catch a ride?
  10. So there's one this year in Dec! Wow that's close. Is there any information online about it? Are they having one in March as well like last year? Thanks Trent, long time no talk.
  11. So, Ixtapa and Puerto Vallarta have the otter (and one on call if need be). What kind of plane does Puerto Escondido fly during their boogie? Anyone know the dates for 2006? Their website only lists through June 2005.
  12. I'm trying to figure out where to go in Mexico during the winter/spring some time, what's going on down there? Anything that is heavy on the freefly side? Thanks
  13. I need help in pricing my used gear. Any suggestions as to where I can go to find out or who I can ask? Thanks.