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    This is a complete setup minus the AAD, great for a newish jumper about my size (5'11", 160 lbs). I bought the Wings container new custom made in 2006, put 45 jumps on it through the end of 2007. It looks great. The Cypress AAD expired long ago. Main (PD-193 seven cell mfg 1992) and reserve (PD-176R mfg 1994) look good. All have been stored in a plastic box in a garage under my house for years. I removed the AAD around the time it expired to prevent any battery leakage (I don't see any) damaging the rest of the gear. The reserve PC has been stored unpacked. Also available: RW jumpsuit, weight belt, Altimaster III While this has been carefully stored, I don't know what has happened with gear in general since 2007. I'm guessing you need to buy an AAD, get the reserve repacked, replace all the rubber bands on the main bag and then you'll have a fine setup! Any feedback on the suitability of this gear is very welcome. Make me an offer preferably for the whole lot and let's get this back in the air. Thank you.


    San Francisco, California - US

  2. I created an ad, but am having trouble with the photos. Two (out of 4) of my pictures didn't get a thumbnail. I'm pretty sure I saved all 4 in the same way in Gimp. Also, it would be nice if we could have more than 4 pictures and "modify ad" could list the pictures with an option to remove them. I tried looking at but didn't find an answer.
  3. Yep, I'm a working guy now... but still waiting for my first pay check. I can get places with my skates, trains and buses. Caltrain to San Jose is fairly easy and arrives 8:36 and each hour afterwards on Sat and Sun. PM or email [email protected] if you can arrange something. Thanks, Tom
  4. I'm looking for a ride from Sunnyvale to a dropzone. I have gear and almost 200 jumps and would be happy to pay for your gas. Saturday is better, but I'd rather go Sunday than not at all. I just moved from IL to a place near,+sunnyvale&spn=0.028234,0.027637&hl=en Please PM or email me at [email protected] if you are going this way. Thanks.
  5. I weigh about 175 lbs with gear. I bought a 210 sq ft PD F111 at around jump 40 (was looking for something a bit smaller but the price was good) and am still happily using it 18 months later with 180 jumps. I've demo jumped some ZP 190s and like the strong flare but would not say I'm bored with my current canopy. Lack of money for new gear and a generally cautious attitude may be affecting my priorities :-) but I don't know why every one is in such a rush to get down to the ground. I like hanging out in the sky and have never got more than a gentle tease for my boat. Go big, Flyexis.
  6. Thank you for rides Pratul and John. Thanks to everyone at Hollister for being friendly. Hope I get the job and can come again.
  7. I'm going to be visiting the Bay Area this weekend. What is the best way to get from Sunnyvale to a DZ without a car? Ideally someone with a car will be going that direction on Saturday and can give me a ride. Failing that, is there a DZ within bus range or will a need to break down and rent my own car? I'm a poor student, coming out from cold, cold Illinois for a job interview. Thanks, Tom
  8. Here are all my skydiving costs, including some beer. Perhaps too much information ;-) How much skydiving costs It is certainly possible to spend much more, but I think I have safe gear and average around 5-10 jumps per month. Good times.
  9. I run a tight ship. My static-line FJC was on Nov 10 2002. Here are my annual total costs, including gear, transportation (mostly gas money for a car pool), some beer and food, and 165 jumps. I may have not counted up to 5 jumps I made in Germany. In late 2003 I bought an almost new Dolphin container with 4 year old Cypres, and boat-like PD main for about $1700 with my credit card while on a 25% TA income. For me it was a matter of priorities. 2002: $135 2003: $3780 2004: $2665 On of these days I'll put the whole breakdown on my website.
  10. Why Iraq? Why not North Korea? Or China? Or Sudan? There are plenty of gov'ts that are not so nice to their people. Can't invade them all because of lack of $$$. Can hardly afford to go into one. Guess we should try to find a different solution.
  11. So I presume that you approve of the war in Afghanistan. The poll asks if America's actions have "incited further animosity". I am claiming that Iraq created much more animosity than Afghanistan and thus reduced America's safety more. I want America to be safe place for free thought, speech, religion, etc. It is certainly possible that disrupting the terrorist training grounds in Afghanistan caused a net increase in safety in America. So you would oppose any U.S. involvement in stopping the genocide in Sudan? Interesting that you bring up Sudan. My impression is that there is much more popular support for military help to prevent attacks against civilians in the Darfur. Unlike the WMD in Iraq, few people question if the atrocities are happening in Sudan. I don't think the U.S. should try to overthrow the government, but I think the military could use its resources to get aid to these people and give them some protection. Searching for Sudan at doesn't find much. Is the government doing anything there? I don't think American actions in WW2 created much animosity anywhere. With the threat to France et al I think going into Germany was justified. Germany had clearer reconstruction path: essentially restore the government to its pre-Nazi state. America went in to stop the nasty Nazis, who were trying to take over the world by force. Sure, there are plenty of conservative Muslims who thought America is the devil long before 9/11. But even supporters of the American way of life, Muslim and Christian, did not want all the destruction and pain caused by the war in Iraq. I'm claiming that losing this support among more moderate people world wide shows the war in Iraq has "incited further animosity".
  12. Not start a bloody war in Iraq when almost the entire rest of the world and many Americans were against it. I think that America attacking Iraq perpetuates the stereotype of Americans being the self-appointed world police. Few people raised issues with America going after Al-Qaeda strongholds in Afghanistan, but there has been little real support for American military action in Iraq.
  13. What did your instructor say about your concerns? Asking here is good but your instructor was there. They can make a much better estimate than anyone here about how zoned out you where. I've done 33 jumps and still often forget what I'm meant to be doing in the air ('Okay, exited. Docked with coach. Oh yeah, the coach is motioning for me to barrel roll. Good thing he remembered the diveflow.') so your reaction seems normal. It took several jumps for me to find a nice arch, much longer than I expected. 1. Pull 2. Pull at the correct altitude 3. Pull stable
  14. I'm very inexperienced, but would imagine it is good to always practice pulling both handles. Practicing the motion may save your life if you jump a rig without a connected RSL one unlucky day.