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  1. Absolutely! I agree with this article on many levels. Hope the DZO's see this.
  2. That looks like a good location.
  3. bumping this thread back up because I'm thinking of getting a Pilot and wondering how the zpx is holding up now that people have had more time to put plenty of jumps on it? Any known issues?
  4. After Summerfest last year I swung by Paragear and picked up a G3. Jumped it a few times... five more this year and was just cleaning the dust off the inside when I noticed a streak. Thinking it was some snot or something I started rubbing harder and the whole thing started peeling like crazy. Hopped on here at DZ.com and found out it was a known issue. Checked the corner and it was a G2 visor. Sent an email to Paragear with all the info above and mentioned the known issue...asking what to do/options? In 5 minutes I had a reply from Maureen to just sit tight and they are sending me a replacement! Sweet! Thanks to DZ.com for providing forums to discuss stuff like this and Hat's Off! to Paragear for some absolutely rocking customer service.
  5. For those who have done this before or had their booties wear a lot... What do you think? Should I bring it up higher on the bootie? Or does the 1/2" look good? I suppose if you were going to drag your toe a bit swooping on landing you could add a little more in that area to prevent wear. Frank
  6. Got my new bevsuit with booties off the brown truck today! It came with a recommendation by bev to use the product Shoe Goo on the seams and bottom of the toe cups to extend the life of the booties. Read a bunch of the old posts on putting Shoe Goo on your booties... how & why. Most were really old posts. Thought I would start a new thread and include some pictures of how I did it to help anybody else that might want to try it. Feel free to comment if you have a different suggestion or just want to add your ideas. I was worried at first about making a mess of my new suit but it went well and I'm happy with my results. You can find Shoe Goo at most sporting goods stores in the shoe department and some big box stores. First tip was to open the tube and place it in some hot water to thin it down a bit. Second tip was to put a pair of shoes in the booties to help them hold their shape. I used the back of a chair and put some weight on the suit to steady it while I hung the shoes/booties over the back. I put a towel on the back of the chair and one on the floor...opened the door for ventilation. I wore one disposable glove. I started with the seam where the cordura met the leather. I found it best to apply one thick bead for about 1/4 to 1/3 of the total distance. I then spread the goo with my gloved finger and kind of rubbed it into the seam as I went. Working fast...just a few seconds and then stop. The goo would then continue to flow and would get smoother and self level by itself and then set up while leaving a nice looking seam. If I tried to do much more it would start to set up and get messy. I did this several times until I had covered the whole seam for about 1/2" width. If you mess it up you can put a thin coat over it and it will smooth out. You can also use several coats to build your desired thickness. While that shoe is setting up I did the other shoe. Then I moved to the seam on the bottom of the leather. After both shoes set up a bit I put a thin coat over the whole leather toe cup. After that sets up I'm going to apply one more coat to the bottom to smooth out the bumps and increase the thickness. I'm happy with my results and don't feel like I messed up the look of my new suit. Hope this helps someone else that might be on the fence about giving it a try. Frank
  7. Wow... and waiting 4 weeks for my new jumpsuit almost killed me! Lol After the first week or so it got better...you go on with life and then suddenly it's here. At least I hope it goes something like that for you.
  8. My first square was a Spirit... bought it from a fellow jumper in bounce and blend colors in 83-84. My buddy Glen-Bob had a blue Comet. We both did the Comet "roll the nose to the bridal" pack job for hundreds of jumps. When we went to other dropzones and people saw us pack... they would walk by "Your all going to die!" Lol
  9. Kahuna

    Exit frame

    Awesome! I have a similar shot I took at Freak Brothers when the were chasing the first hundred way.
  10. Interesting... Have you jumped it yet? Thoughts? Any flap to the handle? Bulky feeling around the jaw?