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  1. I know some people have their complaints when it comes to USPA but I don't think anyone can argue that when it comes to this type of governmental action, USPA is looking out for skydivers' best interests. Kudos to USPA for getting the word out there and allowing us to take action.
  2. That's the funniest thing I've read in quite awhile! Thanks for sharing!
  3. To go along with what wolfriverjoe said--take control of your own progression in the sport. There are so many cool resources out there! Grab a couple of the other up-and-coming jumpers who are in the same boat with you, download an app like this:, and start building your skills. (note: I have no affiliation with Rhythm, I just think this a totally cool app.)
  4. Unless that link is for a printable prescription for Vicodin, I'm not interested.
  5. I made what was my last jump when Minnesota Skydivers Club was in Owatonna. Never meant for it to be my last jump just kind of happened with a family and such. I kept telling myself that the sky would always be there. That seems to be true-the kids are older and into their own things now; my wife bought me a gift certificate to Skydive Twin Cities so I'm thinking I better stop talking about getting back in the air and go do it. Looking back, I do wish that I'd kept some level of currency up over the years, though. Best of luck to you!
  6. Jason Isbell's Southeastern. Which got me digging out some of my Drive By Truckers CDs. Also a band that's been around for a few years but that I've just recently discovered, Rival Sons.
  7. The Weight Always goes over well around the bonfire.
  8. Just love it when there are new posts to the "Scary Stories" topic AND take pleasure in the fact that the Cooper topic is not on the top of History and Trivia page? Ahhh, it's the little things in life
  9. With regards to a PIA seminar, the 2 threads you've started recently sure seem to me to be a good start to developing something. The history of deployment systems is amazing--the thought and engineering that has gone into the various devices is impressive (and a little frightening sometimes). It would be pretty cool to get some slow motion video (rear/up facing camera?) of the various devices and systems in action. Just my .02--I really appreciate the effort you've put in for this community!
  10. Me too, buddy. Me too. One time back in '71... '71? I think you should start a thread about that in "History and Trivia." I wonder if anyone would post to it though?
  11. I've been out of the sport for awhile and maybe I've missed something, but isn't that called a malfunction?
  12. "Pancho's Pilot and the Nail Drivers" was a name that made me chuckle back in the mid 80's.
  13. This stuff?: Not EU though.