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  1. I'm not trying to put the blame on someone else. Maybe I should have chosen my words more wisely. What I was trying to say is that because it was our first time at Deland, we had no idea who those guys were and if they were local/experienced or not you know? I talked to them and investigated as much as I could after I watched the video. I would have grabbed that dude about his pilot chute had I seen it in the plane. I always look out for my friends and strangers and treat them equally regarding safety. Again, not trying to blame it on anybody else, BUT...if the head load organizer dude at the DZ has never seen someone before and they are the first ones out the door, don't you think it's their responsibility to make sure everything is cool with them? AGAIN, had I seen that pilot chute mess while they were in the door I would have grabbed that guy.
  2. They were two colombian guys on vacation. They were both renting gear. I'm not sure on their experience level. They barely spoke english, and Im only a novice spanish speaker. The only thing I got was that jumps in colombia were $40, they were here on vacation and they were working on belly relativity. I agree that we all should have been checking eachother's shit. I come from a c182 dropzone where we are packed in there like sardines and I always eye everyone's gear and ask them to do the same for me. I was napping most of the way up to altitude on this one and the other guy with the gopro seemed to just not have seen it until the very last second. He was probably spacing out. As for the colombians being novices and being "pressured" to jump one's got a gun to their head and they probably didn't even know what "get the fuck out" meant either. I was new to Deland so I'm in no position to be organizing the loads. The big man on campus at Deland shoulda been there to recognize that these guys were novices and shoulda been helping them out. I'm glad these guys are ok.
  3. I took this video last weekend at Deland. I was looking down check out my handles so I didn't notice the time someone saw him it was too late. Apparently he made it to the ground safely and did not even know until I told him about it.
  4. No I did not test my theory in a hanging harness or while spinning. Where can I see those videos? You seem very reputable and experienced which is why I trust your input and advice but doesn't it seem crazy that under an intense load of adrenaline a human is capable of lifting a burning car off someone but not able to rip an adhesive off of something while its loading is only rated to about 150mph? I'm just playing devil's advocate but I definitely want to see those videos. They might just scare me straight.
  5. Haha I'm glad we're back on track. I have a bunch of curved adhesive mounts so I experimented with sticking a couple on my protec, mounting the gopro and then ripping them off as fast as possible. It took some brute force but in some crazy, snag situation...I think I could tear it off pretty quickly. The contour setup is pretty sexy though. We need google to do work with their google glass prototype so we can kill it with those =]
  6. =[ Alright then. If the iphone was doing 120+frames per second, what would be so stupid about it? Kind of off topic at this point but you know how it goes. ..what a weirdo insisting on that.
  7. I agree. It would be shitty but I'm just admiring their cool idea.
  8. I think we have found the solution! Seriously though, if this is laid flat, it will be virtually snag hazard-less...Now we just need iphones to shoot in 120 frames per second =]
  9. I'm new to these forums so I'm not entirely sure on how to reply without replying to one post specifically but ANYWAYS. Thanks dude, lots of awesome information just in these few replies. Kind of turned off by my original mounting idea now. You all may have saved my life, thanks! Jesse
  10. I here yuh. Definitely not trying to open up at 1000 ft to get a shot of someone sniveling...I'm assuming the only way to really mount a gopro to a g3 is a curved adhesive, and if something were to snag it you could easily rip it off. Does that qualify as a quick release? =]
  11. word..are you referring to that aff bridle photo?...I suppose I'm asking dudes with g3s who have gopros mounted to post pictures of whats been working for them. Thanks guys.
  12. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this question has been covered or not so don't attack me just yet but... Where exactly is the best spot on top of a g3 to mount a gopro? I'm looking for the spot where you won't see any helmet in video but where the visor will still lift up almost all the way. I should probably just play with a marker and take photos from different position but was wondering if someone had the perfect sweet spot... Thanks!