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    I just got a pair of shure se215's yesterday. They sound pretty damn amazing. Got them for $75 after a discount, normally $100. I feel like they would work great for a tunnel, they seal so tight and you can't hear anything while they're in.
  2. What problems could it cause? I was thinking about getting one of those cheap ones from square 1 thats just an elastic band with a rubber band on it. As far as I can tell, you just take the slider and roll it up and stick the middle through the rubber band to hold it there. If you have to cutaway after doing that, is there really a chance of that rubber band screwing up the cutaway process? Doesn't seem like it would take too much force to pull the slider from it. Is there a different danger that I'm not seeing?
  3. I jump a full face now, but my benny has a warning inside that says "You are participating in a dangerous sport. This helmet serves no protective purpose and is not intended to provide any protection from any head, brain, neck, or facial injures..." Got a laugh from that the first time I noticed it.
  4. Please tell us you were not still in free fall as you watched this. I mention this because I've seen that happen to some one so engrossed with someone else's mistake they forgot they too had not yet deployed. A need for distraction control exercises. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be. . lol no, I was under canopy and was stowing the slider as I noticed him falling past me
  5. Sounds great, I was wanting to go jump in sebastian now that I have all my gear and everything. Love deland but want to try out some of the other DZs around FL. Only problem would be that I'd only be able to get out to sebastian on the weekdays
  6. I watched an AAD save the other week from some dude that was borrowing a smaller rig and didn't bother to see if he could reach his PC. From what I heard he was from Ecuador or something, fairly new jumper I think. I was at 2200 ft and saw him go past me on his back not moving, thought he was unconscious. After he passed me I saw him flip over and start flailing. He just kept trying for that main handle, never went to reserve, he ended up never pulling a handle. Scared the crap out of me, from where I was it looked like he was just about to hit the ground. Thought he was below 1k, figured he didn't have an AAD and I was preparing myself to watch him hit the ground. He was still trying to find his main PC when the AAD popped the reserve.
  7. A month or so ago I was jumping in deland one saturday. There was a 98 year old guy doing his first ever tandem, it was to raise money for alzheimer's research. Have fun!
  8. DeLand can shut down early on weekdays because it's mostly teams, tandems, and AFF. If the teams go home at 2, and there's no more tandems scheduled, it's hard to get a load up. Weekends are busy. They'll fly the Otter and skyvan and have them both turning loads as fast as they can. They'll fly until sunset on the weekends. Haven't been to Zhills yet, but was very happy with the AFF program at deland.
  9. Is this why I always seem to have my allergies acting up after a day of skydiving? Looks like I need to get a full face and throw an air filter on the mouthpiece!
  10. haha ya, the silhouette 190 rig I was renting had a very small cats eye on one of the toggles, forget which one. You had to give it an extremely hard yank to get the toggle out. 2-3 of my first jumps on that ended with me only able to unstow one toggle at first and having to work for a few seconds to get the other one unstowed. Even on the ground with no tension you had to give some effort to get the toggle out. I let the packers know and I think they got it fixed. Btw if that happens again, it's a little easier to unstow the stuck one if you pull the free one into brakes to stop your spin.
  11. Kind of like fantasy of flight around orlando. Kermit has a huge personal collection of all kinds of planes. I believe most of the aircraft in the museum he owns. All of the planes in the museum are flight worthy and he regularly takes out random ones to fly. Last time I was there he grabbed his p51 mustang and took it for a spin Awesome place
  12. I was planning on being out there Monday but woke up and saw the horrible weather and decided to go back to sleep. Tomorrow's not supposed to be any better, but I'll be out there Thursday and possibly early Friday.
  13. They have the silhouette 190s in the AFF classroom with the other student rigs. I started jumping that on jump 16. They have a weird abbreviation for it on the list of student rigs, I forget what they list it as. Ask one of the AFFIs they can show you which it is and let you know if they think you should be jumping it. I'm pretty sure that the silhouettes are the only 190 rigs they have in student rigs
  14. Ya the 190 rentals they have are fun. Are you on a student rig 200 navigator? The silhouette 190 they have isn't a huge difference, it's a pretty tame canopy but still fun to fly when you get off the navigator. Once you get used to that they have a few sabre2 190 rentals. Those are a fun step up from the navigator and silhouette. First time I let that sabre2 into full flight it felt weird how fast I was flying and how much more responsive it was. Lots of flare though so it's not hard at all to land. Lots of fun to fly
  15. I'm paying off gear with pine. He has a good deal on brand new mirage G4s. Any of the stock containers that they have in their album on their facebook page he can get for cheap. I just picked out a container, brand new loaded with every option for $1800. Going to throw a used reserve in it and AAD, and then demo some canopies until I decide what I want. I think I need to put in about another $500 and everything will be paid except for a main canopy. I've been jumping one of the sabre 2 190 rentals they have. Pine has safire2, sabre2, and pilot 170's that I'm going to demo for awhile. Definitely not the cheapest route, but he does have some nice used rigs in there that you can get a good deal on.
  16. What are you doing for gear? Planning on buying used on here or are you paying off gear with Pine?
  17. fruit looping the newbie? I'm not sure what that is but it sounds like something you wouldn't want to admit happened to you.
  18. I got out today for a couple jumps. When I got there winds were gusting to 23mph so I had to wait for awhile because they ground rental rigs at 18mph gusts. I finally got to jump with this guy Wendell that I've been trying to jump with for awhile. We got 2 jumps in, mainly working on fallrate stuff and playing around. So much more fun jumping with other people instead of solo. I think both of us are going to try to get back out tomorrow for a few jumps.
  19. Did you go this Monday? I was going to wake up at noon and if it looked like jumpable weather I was going to head to deland. Woke up and couldn't see any bit of sky anywhere and I was in a cloud of fog. Decided I wasn't jumping today. I'm going to try to be there on Wednesday.
  20. Haha that first pic Nikki's sitting there like "what the fucks wrong with this dude?"
  21. It's random depending on my work schedule. I work weekends and nights, so I never get out there on weekends. I usually make it out during the week sometime, generally Thursdays, I might try to get out Monday or Tuesday this week. If I can't make it out then I'll probably be there Thursday
  22. Nice. that wind tunnel can really help if you're having issues. Hurry up and get that A, I need to find more people to jump with
  23. Don't think this has been posted. I love this vid. freeflying, base, wind tunnel, speedriding. This is the shit
  24. I've never had the urge to wear earplugs, never had any issue with the wind. I have gotten allergy symptoms though after jumping before... It happened twice during AFF, but then since I've graduated it hasn't happened again. Not quite sure on that. I had to wait close to a month between AFF 2 and 3. That was because of bad FL weather combined with a sinus issue that I heard you should avoid jumping with. That wait killed me and I wanted to jump so bad. As for 9 days between an AFF jump and wind tunnel where you get 10 1.5 min jumps, don't think that's too bad. In the tunnel you can find that correct body position and get used to flying with a good body position. It'll be easy for your next jump, when you get back in the air and feel that body position that you had down in the wind tunnel, and it just clicks It would also probably suck to wait a week after a shitty jump where nothing felt right and then go back and try to jump again, knowing that you have to get it right or you'll fail another level.