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  1. Wow...does Deland potentially shut down at 2 pm on the weekends as well? I guess I was under the impression it was busier. With their fleet of aircraft (at least the ones they show online) I sort of assumed they would have a higher volume of jumpers. Re: the tunnel in Gatlinburg- no, I haven't been to that one. May have to make a trip. Thanks everybody.
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. To answer a few questions: -- I live in Tennessee but will be doing a several- week internship in Florida. The internship is in the middle of central FL, so either DZ would work. I have no desire to rush through AFF in 2 days. --Have heard great things- all my life- about central Florida being one of the major epicenters of skydiving, if you will, and would like to learn at one of the two "legendary" dropzones. --Would like to get my license and pursue the sport further. I have done already done a tandem. Thanks again, all!
  3. Thank you in advance for your help. I'm visiting Florida for a few weeks from out of state and would like to complete my AFF at either Deland or Zephyrhills. Not worried about price difference, and have already done some tunnel time. Neither will ultimately be my home dropzone. I know a lot of it is personal preference, but would anyone be willing to give feedback about which AFF program is superior (simply based on quality of instruction, for example)? Perhaps one has a more developed student program? Additionally, I am very petite (chicken legs!!) and would be interested to know which dropzone has the widest variety of student/rental gear-- ie: will they have a rig that will fit me? I'm hoping a larger dropzone will have a larger range of sizes.