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  1. I did not want to be limited to just one hand when I was trying to get out of the situation alive...
  2. A "little" late, but I wanted to provide some insights for everyone, to learn / improve nonetheless. The mentioned hesitation did not leat to a fatality, I am still alive and came out of it with just some bruises... After opening I recognized a flip-through malfunction, which was caused by myself due to packing directly on a field after an outside landing the jump before. In hindsight, I could have most likely landed it without issues, but in that moment decided otherwise as the canopy above me was not "good". As practised, I grabbed both handles with one hand. I pulled my right hand until full arm extension and tried to pull my reserve handle after that but I was unable to pull the handle at all, it did not move even a little. I turned my head to the left and saw my main still attached by something and my reserve pilot chute being out. My first thought was, that it might be that I did not pull the cutaway cable all the way, so I cleared the cutaway cable from the housing completely. But I was still hanging from my main by something I could not identify in that moment. I instinctively grabbed that thing from what I was hanging, tried to pull up and just before I wanted to pull on my reserve bridle to get my reserve out, the hangup cleared. I saw and recognized that I was no longer attached to my main but due to my body orientation and possibly low speed, my reserve could not be extracted. I turned back to my belly and waited for the reserve to come out, which it thankfully did after a moment. Basically my reserve cable and pin was not able to pass the RSL ring to which the extension cord was attached. It looks like the edge of the pin got stuck at the back of the knot of the extension cord and due to the tension locked there. So I was still connected to my main by my reserve cable and RSL. I just grabbed whatever I was hanging from and thankfully the pin cleared the ring possibly due to me grabbing the pin or releasing some tension. Trying to find the root-cause for this incident myself, I also tried misrouting the reserve-cable through the knot, but this does not happen easily. You have to put way more effort in misrouting it, than in doing it the right way. In the end, Sunrise Manufacturing issued this service bulletin for it.
  3. I had the chance to demo-jump the Safire 3 169 for about 15 jumps. I have around 500 jumps on a Pilot, the last 100 on a Pilot 168 with a 1.3 wingload. I also think both are pretty similar regarding how they fly. I did not feel a difference in their trim or speed. On the Safire 3 I felt less front riser pressure, slightly less pressure on rear-risers, more pressure on the toggles, slightly more responsiveness on harness input. The openings on the Safire 3 are more staged, it sits you up fast but then inflates slowly, cell by cell. I almost had no on-heading opening and it sometimes turned me completely during the opening without inducing line-twists. I don't know what was causing this, but my Pilot is more reliably on-heading. The recovery arc is slightly longer on the Safire 3 but still not very long. I did not feel that much difference regarding the flare. With my long arms and full arm extension I could get a good flare out of it. Overall I also think you can not go wrong with either of them...
  4. Received mine yesterday but am having the same issues: Neither on a Windows laptop nor on a Mac the software is able to connect. I emailed the support, they replied immediately. They asked me to try a different cable as the one shipped with the audible, but this did not help. So they now will send another device to me, hopefully this one will work. At least their support is really quick...
  5. I changed from 2-handed to 1 hand on each after my first cutaway at jump 51. I did as I was taught: grab cutaway with both hands, look at reserve-handle, pull cutaway all the way (don't throw or keep, just let got after pulling all the way), grab reserve-handle with both hands, pull all the way. Even though I was looking at the reserve-handle all the time I had difficulties to actually grab the handle(it took me some tries), maybe due to the acceleration after cutting away or the immediate deceleration due to the skyhook-activated inflating reserve, I can't tell. So I now prefer to already have a hand on both handles... On a side-note: The cutaway-handle was not lost because the long cable was still in the cable housing, so after I did my controllability check on the reserve and I was looking down, I could just grab the handle and stow it in my suit.
  6. Check the pics in this post:
  7. This part has been translated wrong. In german it clearly states, that the activation is allocated to this "phenomenon"...
  8. I am jumping at a dropzone where, depending on the wind-direction, you might be dropped over a hill, which is 100 meters higher, than the landing- and packing-area. Because of that all rental and student gear (equipped with Vigils) will be set to an offset of +100 meters. This setting is done once, when turned on and the Vigil keeps it for every jump. Now what is different to your dropzone is, that the landing-area is not actually higher. But as far as i understood the manuals both AADs will constantly adjust their zero-altitude, so this does not have an effect. I can't verify your point about the Cypress, but after reading the manual i come to the same conclusion, that in my quite similar case I would have to turn the Cypress off and on to adjust the offset for every jump.
  9. The video from the website does not help?