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    Many of them are racist, and few actually have a high-school understanding of the Constitution -- very few could pass the immigrant citizenship written test.
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    I’m surprised no one has posted since the debate began, so I’ll start. I was impressed by how Joe Biden kept his cool. I wasn’t surprised by the president’s behavior (but was disgusted). And though I couldn’t stand to listen continuously (had to keep coming back to it), I was pleased that Chris Wallace at least made a valiant attempt to hold them both accountable to the rules (one needed it more than the other, of course). If this happens in the next debate, I would like to see the moderator just turn off the offender’s microphone and allow the candidate who holds the floor to have their time uninterrupted. So — discuss!
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    I like the concept that they have Ivanka in the fraud and tax evasion scheme for at least $747,622. Certainly wouldn't want her to miss out on the family's 10-30 year visit to Rikers Island.
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    A favourite of mine that was taught to me by an Australian jumper and just refuses to get old: 'I hope you go in, cunt'.
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    Hey I used to jump too. Star Farms baby!
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    Hypocrisy is exactly the point. I’ve never heard Biden accuse those who did serve of cowardice. I’ve never heard Biden claim to be the biggest and best supporter of the military or the most knowledgeable person alive on military matters. Ive never heard Biden say he felt like a great soldier or refer to his personal Vietnam. I have nothing against anyone who dodged the draft per se, but Trump sure as hell deserves the criticism for it in light of everything else he’s ever publicly said about the military to advance his political career.
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    Do you want a mental defective who will listen to the experts he surrounds himself with, or a mental defective who thinks he knows more and is more intelligent than anyone else and will do what his gut tells him, regardless of what his experts advise? Its not even a trick question. Both choices suck. One is fucking stupid.
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    Ah, yes; The American non-profit group who is exporting idiocy to those countries facing idiocy shortages.
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