Software for trimming GoPro clips?

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Looking for PC software to trim GoPro footage. The smaller and simpler the better.

I used to use Mpeg Streamclip for doing quick and simple trimming of GoPro footage (trimming away stuff at the beginning and at the ned), but am looking for an alternative since Streamclip requires that bug ridden Quicktime.

Suggestions anyone?

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Although I use avidemux sometimes, but I personally find the interface clunky.

I've been using "Free Video Editor by DVDVideoSoft" v 1.4.4. That freeware has a nice clean editing interface to clip out any sections one wants. I have seen good things about it on the web, eg at Videohelp. Real trimming with instant saves, without having to render / re-encode or whatever.

Works great with GoPro footage although it choked on Sony CX series .mts files. (Which avidemux handled)

Caveats for the DVDVideoSoft product:
- be careful when installing to not miss the options to avoid installing bundled crapware! Don't click through too quickly.
- I've also seen some comments online (eg at Download.com) saying that the newest versions don't work as well and have some very hard to remove crapware that one can't avoid.

So it may be more of a pain than it is worth. But if you can dig up an old version it can be nice.

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