SWANN freestyle HD camera

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Now at Costco for $179.99.
- Camera
- Case
- Mounts
- LCD display
- Remote
- Cables
- Power adapter / charger
- 4GB microSD

Manual from the Swann site
Some features I like
- Standard tripod hole instead of the proprietary thing like GoPro
- Laser
- HDMI built-in

GoPro offers more options like 3D, and seems to have more recording modes especially 2x and 4x (HD Hero2) frame rates.


If you don't believe me, ask me.

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I picked one up on woot for $144 including shipping.
Haven't jumped it yet and not sure when I will but I have taken some video at 720/60 fps and 1080/30 fps. 720 didn't look so great but 1080 was pretty good with a tiny bit of choppiness on cars going by but not really any on someone walking. Was watching it via hdmi straight from the camera on my 47 in. 240 hz tv (if that makes any difference). It comes with the detachable lcd screen, watertight case, several different mounts and remote.
Lord, let me be the person my dog thinks I am.

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