How many tandem certifications do you have?

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Your poll is a little screwed up.

For example I have a strong rating/USPA rating, but I never cross trained and got my Sigma rating because until now my dropzone only owned strong rigs.
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In some countries, once you pass a government "General Tandem Certification", you may jump ANY tandem system there is. Stupid if you ask me, because these tandem system differ in regards to handle positions, emergency procedures, etc...

Also, you for forgot about:
- Wings
- Next
- Atom
- ParaAvis
- Mars
- Advance

...and, as pointed above:
- Vector
- Racer
- Eclipse

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Strong Dual Hawk Examiner
Never jumped a Strong TN
Racer TI
Vector I TI (pre-drogue)
Vector 2 TI
Sigma TI

I have jumped several tandem mains made by Icarus.
A long time ago, I also jumped tandem gear made by Weckbecker (sp?) and Parachutes de France.
Never earned a "national" TI rating and think the concept silly until all the manufacturers standardize handles. With luck the last Eclipse and Strong Dual Hawk will retire before 2018.
All the Racers, etc should have been converted to Vector-pattern handles a decade ago (2006).

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