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Mark - Remsters link has the ring of truth but is a touch out of date.
A lot of the DZ's are tandem factories, particularly the Taupo ones. You will usually get a jump but there won't be much of anything bigger than a 4-way. However there are a couple that do some good sport jumping. Motueka is pretty cool and they have the Good Vibes boogie. I think there are one or two up in Auckland as well that have some reasonable sport jumpers and decent turbines.
However, the sport jumper population in NZ is pretty small - most of the jumpers know each other personally so they probably don't hang out on the forums too much.
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Annette gives up to date references to the NZPF listings which has 5 DZs open to fun jumpers.

Yeah true - but I have been to 3 of those 5 - the other 2 are running small cessnas. Nothing wrong with that but if you want an exciting jumping holiday you might be better off looking somewhere else.
Of the 3 I have been to, Parakai and Motueka are good, "Taupo Tandem Skydiving" is more of a tandem factory (go figure!). They are totally happy to let you jump but again - don't expect a big sport jumper population (although they do sometimes have a final load of the day with a few of the staff - or at least they did when I went there.)
Never try to eat more than you can lift

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Hey Stumpy,

Do know what skydive Auckland is like? There website does not seem to work...

Do you know if they have a turbine AC?


From the website's Sport Skydiving page (works fine for me):

Sport Skydiving

As New Zealands most sport friendly drop zone, we welcome all sport skydivers here at Skydive Auckland, regardless of your jump numbers.

Whether you are a visiting skydiver, someone who wants to progress in the sport through coaching and training or someone looking to find a drop zone to become your local - Skydive Auckland is for you.
We regularly host events, have a range of skydivers here every weekend and a big social following and we want to share our skies with you! We are open 7 days per week (weather permitting).

13,000ft: $50
16,500ft: $60

* AADs are mandatory
* You must be a member of the NZPIA prior to any decent. A temporary ($50 - 3 months) or full membership ($120 - 12 months) can be acquired at the dropzone on arrival. This is an online process which will require you to pay by credit card / debit card and a driver licence or passport is required.
* To participate in a skydive above 13,000ft you must have a NZPIA High Altitude Certificate (this can also be done at the DZ).
* Logbook and / or licence

We have a range of equipment available for rent, more information can be found on our equipment page

If you would like to come out to our drop zone, you MUST contact us in advance.
This is to ensure we are able to provide you with the best service possible. By contacting us in advance we can let you know the best time to arrive, ensuring we have someone available to complete your registration and briefing process and answer any questions you may have on the requirements.

We have a Facebook group dedicated to our Skydive Auckland Sport Skydivers, which we endeavour to keep updated daily with weather information.


Fiona McLaren
Skydive Auckland
[email protected]
0800 921 650

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Thanks for this info! I was actually doing some research this morning - I'm traveling to Aus and NZ in March and my whuffo husband just gave me the OK to skydive out there.

Out of Parakai and Motueka - which would you recommend more for fun jumpers (and for him to do a tandem)?

I'm not bringing my rig, so I would need to use rental gear. Do you know anything about their rental gear, quality etc?

Thanks in advance!

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