Young writer with skydiving related questions

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Hi all,
I am brand new to this site, and have been skydiving but once in my young life.
I am from Canada, and am working to become a journalist and fiction writer, and hope to jump out of a few more planes too. But what I'm really looking for at the moment, is some realism to this story I've come up with.
I want to know what it would be like to skydive from just inside earth's atmosphere - what would you need (theoretically), how long would it last, what would it look like, what would it feel like - that kind of stuff.
I want to give this story the ring of truth, so any details would be very helpful.


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Here's another good resource:


A Frenchman attempting this:


You can also listen to 2 interviews with Col. Joe Kittinger about his world record jump on Skydive Radio's episodes 105 and 134:

Owned by Remi #?

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