Altitron digital altimeter

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I only switched to a digital alti after 30 years with analog. I first bought a Viso II, but quickly switched and found a used Neptune II.

The altitron has some of the same negatives as the Viso/Ares.  The font is a very low aspect ratio, and uses the simpler, cheaper 7 segment type display. I find the Neptune display much easier to read because of the higher aspect ratio and rounded font. It is easy to dismiss the importance of this, but it is real.

Many will tell you it takes longer for your brain to process what you see when looking at a digital alti. I find the opposite to be true.

Lastly, Parasport has a lousy reputation for customer service.

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I`ve been using the Altitron (Parasport) since 2009 (c.a. 900 jumps) and have not had any problems with it so far.

The digits are very large and easy to read for me in any situation.

I use mine attached to the chest strap (homemade). One AAA battery is needed.

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