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  1. I`ve been using the Altitron (Parasport) since 2009 (c.a. 900 jumps) and have not had any problems with it so far. The digits are very large and easy to read for me in any situation. I use mine attached to the chest strap (homemade). One AAA battery is needed.
  2. My Optima was replaced twice by L&B because of the weak plastic casing. So, my third one (an Optima II) is just fine and yes, they have improved the plastic casing by using different plastic.
  3. Yes, I just made my first 10 videos with this action cam, and I like it a lot. The video quality is not as good as the latest Go Pros, but for me it is good enough. The only negative thing that I find out, when you exit at 4000m it is hard to open the casing on the ground, because of the under pressure. Also the record button can stuck because of this. I solved this problem by making a small cut into the sealing. The small display is good enough to make a quick review of a jump. You can mount it on a flat surface and still open the case which gives you an easy access to the battery, microSD card, HDMI and USB port.
  4. With a PC without a kill line ? Do I see it right, are there two connections for the stearing line on the raer riser?
  5. I was on my third jump with my first cross brace canopy, a 105 xf-15. I pulled at 1800m and got into a severe spinning linetwist. the canopy was spinning downwards and I was spinning under the canopy (more than 5 twists). it was impossible for me to stop me from spinning under the canopy. --perhaps, it would have been a good idea to try to spread my legs and arms apart at the beginning of the linetwist, to slow down and stop my rotation earlier-- after a while, my rotation under the canopy stopped, but my conapy was still doing very fast spirals towards the earth. I tried different techniques, but because of the high g-force it was not possible to swing me (with my legs) out of the linetwist. my last and successful try was this. I put my legs together and straight down, grabbed both risers (left riser group with left hand, right riser group with right hand) and spread them apart as hard as I could (left to the left, right to the right / remember principle of a rubber propeller). this worked quite well and easy. I was out of the linetwist at 900m :-). my best technique to avoid linetwist caused by unsymmetrical inflation is this. during the opening, I grab both risers (left riser group with left hand, right riser group with right hand) and spread them apart, slightly wider than the broadness of the slider, lean forward so I feel the cheststrap and stay even in the harness. (I have now 120 jumps with my xf-15 and newer had a linetwist again.)
  6. I made 180 jumps with my Altitron and it works just great. reliable, strong, excellent display.
  7. slider-behind-the-head don´t interfere with your hands when you reach out (blindly) to take front or rear risers. I have over 300 jumps with this self made slider catcher. rubber-tube knotted with wax-cord on front riser. no glue, no sewing machine, easy to remove/replace without damaging the riser.
  8. I use a Mirage G4 M1 with pull-out set up, Quick 150 reserve, Crossfire-2 139/129/119. I would not go bigger than XF-2 139 and not smaller than XF-2 109.
  9. perhaps they have quality problems (AFAIK like in the past) regarding brake setting (on FX) or trim (on crossfire 1) explanation of my 2 extreme hard openings with a Neos 109 , WL 1.8, at terminal, normal pro-pack,,, period of time from releasing the PC till complete inflation, almost instant / circa 1.5 sec.! I didn´t have the time to do anything wrong during deployment and during all 5 deployments I did nothing but waiting and watching.
  10. I witnessed 5 cutaways, because brakes coming off, with rigs that had this model of Velcro-less toggles. I think it is a bad design. I use only Velcro toggles and I never saw a Velcro toggle coming off, causing a cutaway.
  11. I`m using it. it has a heavy and strong plastic casing. the display is by far better to read than the Viso1. I`m using it, chest mounted, for swooping / in free-fall together with the Optima (as acoustic altimeter), and it is as accurate as the Optima or Viso. after 35 jumps, I think it is a good product, but the manual could be better.
  12. from my experience,I would recommend to anyone who wants to demo a neos, don´t look upwards to watch the opening especially when the slider is still up, because the hard part of the opening comes later.
  13. I did 5 demo jumps with the neos. I had 2 extreme hard, 2 hard and 1 soft (safire like) opening. I had two days problems with my neck musculature , because I looked at the opening.
  14. I bought me a Neoxs because I was not satisfied with the crappy plastic casing of the Optima. I made 30 jumps with the Neoxs, which i also use for swooping, and it is as accurate as the Optima but with a more robust casing. the only negative thing about the Neoxs is the poor manual.