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Dena Hogue

Hello from Arkansas

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My name is Dena Hogue and I’m basically still at whuffo status. My first tandem jump was down at Skydive Sebastian in March of 2019. I then had 2 more (tandem) jumps at the same dz in November of 2019. Money has been my only setback (I obviously have not jumped since, unfortunately). 

I currently live in Arkansas, and the closest dz to me is Skydive River Valley. I really hope to take their IAD class soon. Since I have not been able to jump since November of 2019, I have been doing my best to soak up as much “book knowledge” as possible. Hopefully that will help a lot in understanding things when I finally get to be a student jumper.

I have light years to go, but my biggest goal is to become a BASE jumper. With money being the only thing stopping me, I may never see that dream. If I’m able to at least achieve an A license I will be thrilled.

If there are any experienced jumpers reading this, please feel free to share any knowledge you can that could help me out in learning about this amazing sport.

I am now 33 years old, and I deeply regret always feeling too terrified to try skydiving out. I truly wish I would have found a dz straight out of high school and started packing and going from there. I have never felt like I fit in as I do with you all.

At least I stepped into it now instead of never, eh?

Thank-you all.

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Depending on where you're located in Arkansas, you may want to check out West Tennessee Skydiving near Memphis. Great place, fast plane, awesome AFF program.

I made my first jump at 29 years old. I do wish I had gotten into the sport sooner, but you can still have a great time! There are jumpers in their 70s, 80s, and beyond.

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I started at 37. 

Professor Kallend (a rather prolific poster over in Speaker's Corner) was in his 60s when he started, IIRC. 

There's only a limited amount of 'book learning' that you can do. 

Most of it is 'doing'. 

BASE is a somewhat typical goal. 
For a newer jumper, it's a ways off.

I would suggest you concentrate on the journey more than the goal. You may find that once you get in the sky, something else has a stronger pull (wingsuit, freeflying, competition, coaching/teaching, ect).

One thing to focus on that will apply is canopy control. Learn to fly the canopy well and land accurately. 
Those are important for BASE (and skydiving too). 

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