Bungee ball to hold slider

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8 hours ago, Binary93 said:

You usually don't sew them but wrap them around the reserve flap.

I don't use a bungee but a magnetic variant (at least it will release at some point during the cutaway)

I like the magnetic but not a fan of putting anything on the reserve flap. R.I. makes a magnetic that is attached to a fabric loop sewn to the trim on the yoke. No interaction with the reserve flap and very effective. I'm sure a field installation can be performed with this or any similar design.

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10 hours ago, Binary93 said:

Do you know of any incidents where this might have contributed?
(the concern is perfectly understandable and logical of course, just curious)

I do not, and it may not be a problem at all. I'm just a bit nervous about anything that could foul a deployment, and putting an elastic band around the flap adds an element that could come into play under unusual circumstances.

I'd love to hear other folks' experiences.

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2 hours ago, Bamboozzzle said:

I use the same bungee which installed between leg-straps, two long rubber bands and a ball from Guinness beer can

Can you describe it a bit more detailed for us who never saw this setup in person. How do you set it up on rig and how do you attach a slider to it.
Maybe even a picture if you don't mind.

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