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Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any ideas on quick release options for a chest strap once the canopy is open? We aren’t allowed to use quick release routing of the standard buckle at our drop zone, and Ive found out modifying the chest strap with a buckle, even as an extension would void the tso. This is mainly focused around hop n pops while using a belly band, however something that works for freefall too would be awesome

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   I am personally opposed to unfastened/ultra loose chest straps.
   I don't like quick eject snaps.
   A snug belly band is a must here.
   I am a self-described chicken-shit skydiver.

To address your question, with factory guidance, you could look at using the old Quick Eject snaps.  The would need a modification to allow the installation of the matching Triangle ring. 

These have been common on emergency bail-out PEP rigs where cutaway is not an option and you want a way to get out of the rig quick upon landing (drug in high winds, water landing).

As I said, I don't like them for the possibility of inadvertent disconnect, but that's your issue.



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