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Life is short...How long will the passion can last?

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6 hours ago, Pit76 said:

I feel like I'll do it till the day comes I can't do it anymore, for what reason whatsoever. However, you'll never know what life throws at you.
I did a tandem 20 years ago and I liked it so much that I wanted to do AFF, but my job consisted out of working 3 of the 4 weekends so it would have been difficult to get the jumps in. Plus I was too young back then and didn't have the money to spent, so I let it go and started to collect modeltrains and do martial arts. But I told myself 'someday...'.

10 years later I got a tandem jump as a gift from my wife because she knew I did it once before and that I liked it so much. Then the whole 'I want more' feeling came back, but I had a little girl who was 5 years old at the time and I decided to not pursue it. Again I told myself 'someday...'.

2 years ago I told my wife I wanted to buy a motorcycle but bounced on an immediate and very convincing 'NO'. I said, 'then I want to go skydiving'. 'Fine' she said. A week later I booked a skydiving vacation to get AFF and now I'm almost at 200 jumps.

I try to go as much as I possibly can but we have two girls of which my youngest is now 5 (ironic). My wife supports me but I have to keep the family/skydive balance even. I did 103 jumps in 2019 and that's my goal for 2020 too. At least 100 jumps. 

I don't think I'll ever stop doing this. My oldest daughter is almost 15 and wants to do a tandem, so who knows she's next ^_^

Thanks buddy. 

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Even if you catch the bug, you can put it down for awhile if there are other important things, and pick it back up again. I started in the 1970's (coming up 45 years ago), jumped fairly hard for about 8 years, very little for 5, and then not at all for 13. Picked it back up again in 2001 when the family was grown, and have been in my second jumping career since. Made 1100 in the first jumping career, 1600 and counting in the second. 

It's a process, not a destination for me.

Edited to add that for some people, it is a destination, whether it's the bucket list tandem, to someone I knew whose goal was to be on the world team; once he got there, he quit jumping as far as I know. And there are probably others like that too. 

Wendy P.

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