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Best tandem handy cam setup?

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4 minutes ago, sudeep said:

What is the best low profile handy cam setup, where the TI can take both pictures and video at the same time?

The two GoPro sessions set up were great but since the GoPro discontinued the sessions is there any alternative? 

If you like them so much just buy some. They are discontinued, but there are still plenty of new ones available.

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I love my gopro 7 setup. The glove is a pivot pad base that I already had from my GoPro 3+ setup, with a 3d printed camera mount that got it from Juan RS. The camera mount is flawless, it uses the stock skeleton housing for the top camera and the bottom camera just fits in with a tight fit and a bungee. Easy to get cameras in and out, no snags, just clean.

I love and hate my GoPro 7. The image is great and the stabilization makes all of the footage amazing.

It is also a buggy piece of shit and I hope that the engineers at GoPro eat a batch of bad street tacos and get endless diarrhea. I have lost probably 3 or 4 videos this season because the camera locks up when the video is recording, and there is no way to get it to reset short of pulling the battery which isn't going to happen once you leave the plane.


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