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  1. What is the best low profile handy cam setup, where the TI can take both pictures and video at the same time? The two GoPro sessions set up were great but since the GoPro discontinued the sessions is there any alternative?
  2. Skymama, Thanks for the response. I will try to use OTC this weekend and see how it works. At any case will see an doctor before I blow off my nose :) Will keep you posted. Thanks You
  3. FastRodriguez, Cold air makes it worse. And you just made me more scared . I will go the doctor soon.
  4. FastRodriguez,, Never had problem with sinusitis untill I started skydiving. No ear pain and Allerigies either. Will try the nasal spray. Thanks for your advice.
  5. ronkhensley, Thanks for the advice. I have heard about the chewing gum effect from other skydivers. I will give it a try next time. I pretty sure, I'm not the one who is dealing with it. Thank You
  6. Will be doing that soon. Just wanted to see what others are going to say. Thank You
  7. I'm a pretty new licensed jumper. I love to do multiple jumps in a day, but my sinus issues keeps me grounded. After two full altitude jumps, i get severe pain on my fore head and near my eye brows. After that I can do only hop n pops and call it a day. Does any experienced jumper have the same issues? How do you guys tackle this problem? Thanks
  8. Don't listen to all the negative reviews about the DZ. Initially I was scared after reading them. But once I started my AFF, I gained confidence on them. Skydive Dallas has one of the best instructors! You can feel the vibe once you step the foot in there. If you need strong education and knowledge on skydiving this is the place to come. Hang out with the instructors at the DZ to learn more and more. They are willing to spend hours of time with you. Over all for me its a great experience. All other students in my AFF batch love skydive Dallas too.
  9. Hello Friends I waited for this time to come since years. I am going for training to get my USPA A license from June 1st. Since most of the users in this forum are GURU's of skydiving, I like to know your suggestions, cautions and other information which u might have experienced. Thank You
  10. Yes I have just seen the bad news. I would not go there at all. Thank you for the suggestion.
  11. No Sir. The basic package is $3500 with no video. The highest package is $3900 with the video. Is this a reasonable price? Do you think it can go much lower? Thank Youi
  12. Hello I am a student and I badly want to have a USPA 'A' License. I was looking few dropzones in Arizona and the minimum price they are offering is $3500 to get a license. Is there a way that I can get the license much cheaply? I am willing to travel any where in States. Thank You