Winx canopy volume

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Hello, I currently have a Mirage G4 M0 size holding a KA-120 that fits a little loose. 

I´ve checked the Mirage sizing chart but I can not really figure out if a Winx canopy would fit in it?


I´ve asked Atair and they told me that a Hybrid version of the canopy would definitely made it, but I have been offered a fully ZP one, not a Hybrid. Anyone has owned a fully ZP Winx canopy? How much volumen does it have compared to a Storm for example? 

Anyone can give me some advice

Mirage M0 sizing chart.png

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+1 what size.

If you want a comparison, I have a 135 zp winx in a container that comfortably held a 120KA and it's REALLY TIGHT. It's not dangerous, but it is absolutely the tightest allowable fit in that container, and I have to pack really neat and not put myself on short calls because it's a bastard to close. I really wish I'd gotten the LPV version or maybe a 120 instead.

edited to add: Sorry I can't remember how the katana fit in that container since it's been a while, but I don't remember it ever being a problem. I had a 129 crossfire in there briefly and I think I remember it being a similar pain in the ass to the winx.

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