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I had a spine surgery last november. A hernia between L5-S1. I'm consedering whether i continue jump or retire.
I still have no jumped again. Want to hear the experiences of some who has gone through the same thing or better, an advise of some skydiver who also are a neurologist, to have a better picture of everything... up size?...jump whit some divice?... or retire?
Male, 52, Stiletto 135, 174 lbs, + 400 jumps.




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I had a fusion, L4-S1, in 2001 at 36 years old.  Was back in the air after a year of recovery. I did have a good surgeon though, who understood and thought I'd be okay jumping again.  He was right.

Don't retire if you still feel the need to be in the air. Just adjust your skydiving to reduce the risk of additional injury. I'd suggest upsizing a bit and possibly changing to a less aggressive canopy but that's just me.  I'm 54 and jump a Spectre with dacron lines at a low wingloading.  Super soft openings, easy landings. It's not a sports car, but I'm less likely to get hurt flying it than with any other canopy I've flown, especially if I don't stay current. If you prefer a 9 cell, there are a few out there that have a reputation for soft openings. 

<standard disclaimer> I am not a doctor </standard disclaimer> Check with your surgeon to be sure it's had enough time to heal. If the answer is yes, well, you know what to do :)

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I broke my T10-L4 and have my T11-L3 fused.  It was broken on a jump.  I used a walker for two weeks, a cane for a month.  After 7 months, I saw the doctor for my final xray, and was declared permanently fused.  I jumped a few days later (BASE).  Skydived a few weeks after that.  

Lots of pilates and stretches and core strengthening.  The injury occurred in March of 2017; I've been jumping since October 2017.  Mostly BASE, some skydiving.  A BASE opening is substantially harder than a skydive opening!  I say go for it after your doctor clears you.  The part that hurts my back the most is the packing!  But this is still getting easier to do every week.

I did upsize my canopies to help slow things down.  I'm 42 and in decent shape for the record.

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